Jun. 27  2022
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Statement of Korean Government Employees Union (KGEU)
  The Korean Government Employees Union (KGEU, President Cha Bong-Cheon) -the hope of 900,000 government workers - is angered, together with the people of Korea, at the outbreak of police violence at the peaceful pre-rally ceremonies that were taking place at Hanyang University.

Video of police raid at the rally: Realplayer | WindowsMedia
- The video is in Korean, but no translation is needed to show the brutality of the police!
Workers, farmers, students protest government policies
Last weekend, large masses of workers, farmers, and students held a series of protests against a variety of policies by the South Korean government.

Why Korean Railway workers embarked upon a strike?
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ETU-MB rally against crackdown, EPS
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Migrant Workers don’t want one modified trainee system
- 2003.-0.5-/ BASE21 News Desk

Migrant Worker셲 Solidarity Charity Concert for Ratan Bapary
- 2003.-0.5-/ BASE21 News Desk

"Our first priority has to be to fight against the possibility of war on the peninsula......"
- 2003.-0.5-/ BASE21

[Photo] Mayday Struggle in South Korea II
- 2003.-0.5-/ BASE21

[Photo] 2003 Mayday Struggle in South Korea
- 2003.-0.5-/ BASE21

South Koreans and Migrants in Preparing the International Struggle Day of the Working Class
- 2003.-0.4-/ BASE21 News Desk

Union And Railroad Management Reached An Agreement
- 2003.-0.4-/ BASE21

Planned working permition system for migrant workers for South Korean unions not enough
- 2003.-0.4-/ BASE21 News Desk

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