Jul. 07  2022
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Patents and Profit: Gleevec Price Talks Break Down.
Kim, Dongsook. Coalition for People's Health and an Equitable Society
Secure the Fair Use of Digital Libraries
It is unfair to use the copyright law to prevent public use of digital libraries

Privacy and freedom of information online are recognized as important human rights issues in the United Kingdom
- 2000.-1.2-/ 源젙슦

New Portal for Human Rights in Mexico brings together over eighty pro-human rights groups under one virtual roof
- 2000.-1.2-/ 源젙슦

Workshop of 2000 Labor Tech2000 - Struggling in the Cyber Way
- 2000.-1.2-/ 源젙슦

New virus set to attack Outlook Express users
- 2000.-1.1-/ 源젙슦

VIRUS ALERT (navidad virus) (ATTACHED is the Anti-navidad Vaccine)
- 2000.-1.1-/ 源젙슦

Korean online protesters may face persecution
- 2000.-1.1-/ 源젙슦

The rally against Legislation for Communication Decency was held in front of the National Assembly building
- 2000.-1.1-/ 源젙슦

For Whom is The Legislation for Communication Decency ?
- 2000.-1.0-/ 源젙슦

Spiders Can't Move Freely Any Longer
- 2000.-1.0-/ 源젙슦

We warn the Korea Ministry of Information & Communication and Munhwa Broad Casting
- 2000.-0.8-/ 源젙슦

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