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[Proposed Agenda] International Peace Conference to Stop the MD Deployment

Proposed Agenda

Source  :  BASE21

1. Title : International Peace Conference to Stop the MD Deployment (tentative)
2. Date: October 11-13, 2001
3. Place: Seoul, Korea
4. Yenue: Yonsei University, Seoul Korea

Tentative Programme and Time Schedule

Thursday, 11 October

10:00~ 12:00 Registration at the Yonsei university
15:00~ 20:00 Tour - Maehyangri (US Bombing Range )

Friday, 12 October

9:00~10:00 Opening ceremony
- Opening remark by the representative of the organizing committee
- Congratulatory remark by the representative of the invitees

10:00~12:30 1st session: the MD plan and its implications
- Visual introduction to the MD plan (10 minutes)
- Nuclear-threat combined with the MD plan (20 minutes) by KFEM.
- Relationship between the defense industries and the MD plan (20 minutes) by William Hartung , Arms trade research Center (suggested)
- Miniaturization of the USA and its implications to the world order after the Cold-war (20 minutes) by Francis D. Lee, Bradford University, England
- Discussion

12:30~14:00 Lunch

14:00~16:00 2nd session: the conflicting positions on the MD plan
- The position of Russia (15 minutes) by to be decided
- The position of China (15 minutes) by to be decided
- The position of Europe (15 minutes) by H. J. Giessmann, Institute for peace Research and Security Policy at the the university of Hamburg,
Germany (suggested)
- The position of Japan (15 minutes) by M. Takubo, Genshuikin, Japan (confirmed)
- The position of South Asia (15 minutes) by Sepeaker from India (suggested)
- The position of South East Asia (15 minutes) by Munar, LBH Indonesia (suggested)
- Discussion

16:00~16:30 Tea break

16:30~19:00 3rd session: Korea peninsular and the MD plan
- The reality of ‘rogue state’ designated by the USA (20 minutes) by Noam Chomsky MIT , USA (suggested)
- The solution of North Korea’s nuclear and missile problem (20 minutes) by Sam-sung Lee Catholic university, Korea (suggested)
- Review on the South Korean government’s position about the MD plan (20 minutes) by to be decided
- Discussion

19:00~20:30 Welcoming Reception

Saturday, 13 October
9:00~13:00 4th session: countermeasures to the MD plan
- Denuclearization of North East Asia (15 minutes) by Hiro umebayashi, Peace Depot, Japan (confirmed)
- MD-resistance movement as an anti-globalization strategy (15 minutes) by KCTU
- Lessons from anti-nuclear movement in Europe (15 minuits ) by TNI suggestion
- MD-resistance movement of Greenpeace (15 minuits) by KFTU
- Free discussion to develop countermeasures to the MD plan ? Greenpeace, etc

13:00~14:00 Lunch &

14:00~17:00 Seoul march against the MD and for peace at Daehak-ro street
- Adoption of the conference statement
- Press conference
- March, Performance, Exhibition, etc.
- Cultural Festival of Maehyangri (US Bombing Range)
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