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Korean Students burn the American flag near the U.S. embassy in Seoul

Korean people are opposed to U.S. president George W. Bush셲 visit to South Korea.

Source  :  BASE21

△A student burns the American Flag while shouting "No Bush!"
(Photo Copyleft BASE21, PatchA)

By PatchA, BASE21 staff reporter

February 15th, 2002 -- About thirty students belonging to Hanchongryon (Federation of Korean University Student Associations) burned the American flag near the U.S. embassy as they shouted, "The U.S. is the only 'axis of evil' in the world." This demonstration was held to protest Bush's visit to South Korea.

In a statement against Bush's visit, Hanchongryon argued, "He has continually threatened peace and stability on the Korean peninsula and forcibly insisted that South Korea should buy their arms. He is our real enemy."

For thirty minutes, students fought with police, shouting, "No Bush!" Eventually everyone was arrested.

On January 29th, Bush declared, "North Korea is a member of an axis of evil" in his State of the Union address. This declaration means that war can happen on the Korean peninsula at any time. As a result of this declaration, the voices of Korean people against Bush have been intensifying in the past few days. A womans organization, Women Making Peace, issued a statement entitled, "We absolutely cannot accept words threatening war on the Korean peninsula" on February 7th. It states, "President Bush has now announced the second stage of the war on terrorism. In doing so he has called North Korea, Iran and Iraq an axis of evil with an implied threat of war on the Korean peninsula. A sensation of fear and anxiety is upon us." They strongly protested against Bush’s comments.

During Bush’s visit, there will also be pan-national rallies, press conferences and protest campaigns.

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