Jan. 23  2020
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150 Women declare opposition to 쏹.S. president Bush셲 hardline rhetoric directed at North Korea

쏛ny war which threatens lives is evil

Source  :  BASE21

△ Press Conference (Photo copyleft BASE21, PatchA)

By PatchA, BASE21 staff reporter

”We, as women, think that this situation is very urgent because we are trying to stop war which could kill many innocent people in the world. Even if it is terror or war against terrorism, all of them are the same evil. It should disappear from this earth.”

February 15th, 2002 -- 150 leaders, professors and other members of women’s organizations held a press conference to make an announcement for peace in the face of Bush’s visit to South Korea. These activists made their political attitude clear: “We are opposed to U.S. President George W. Bush’s use of ‘axis of evil,’ and most of all we want peace in the world.”

Ji Eun-hee, chair of the Korean Council for the Women Drafted for Military Sexual Slavery by Japan, said that she has witnessed the miseries of women caused by war. “During the U.S. attack on Afghanistan, many women and children were killed and hurt. War should never happen in the world.”

Lee Hyo-jae, adviser for the Korea Women's Associations United, demanded that Bush’s seriously reflect on hais comments, saying, “The U.S. administration’s hardline rhetoric directed at North Korea is a threat to Koreans who have worked so hard for peace and peaceful reunification on the Korean peninsula.” She also requested that the U.S. stop forcing arms purchases and cease using alleged threats from North Korea as an excuse to justify the Missile Defence (MD) program, and she urged the Kim Dae Jung administration to protest and draw back from the U.S. policy’s hostile targeting of North Korea.

Lee Kim Hyun-Sook, chair of Women Making People, a women organization, explained that they will initiate a campaign to send a peaceful message of protest to President Bush as soon as possible.

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