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Over 600 progressive groups hold press conference against President Bush

U.S. embassy denies protest message from anti-war activists.

Source  :  BASE21

△ Anti-war activists face off with police after being told they cannot deliver a protest message to the U.S. embassy. (Photo copyleft PatchA, BASE21)

By PatchA, BASE21 staff reporter

February 6th, 2002 -- Near the U.S. embassy in Seoul, over 600 progressive civil and social organizations held a spirited press conference against U.S. president George W. Bush’s planned visit on February 19th. "We are opposed to neo-liberal globalization, Bush’s visit to Korea, and Bush’s hardline rhetoric directed at North Korea."

Activists at the press conference stated, “There is mounting international concern and intensifying fears about President George W. Bush's grouping together of Iran, Iraq, and North Korea as an 'axis of evil.' Bush's speech is an omen that turbulence is coming. . .Bush also put the three countries on notice and argued that he would not hesitate to take preemptive action. We are threatened by, and indignant at, this simplistic and pro-war approach. . .They should stop demanding an unequal U.S.-Korea investment treaty and exporting neo-liberal capitalism."

The police prevented unarmed activists from visiting the U.S. embassy, and as a result, scuffles ensued. The majority of the activists present were veterans of social movements well over their sixties, and many of them sustained minor injuries.

For one hour, the activists tried to deliver their protest message against Bush to the U.S. embassy, but they were even denied registration of the message by the embassy.

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