Jan. 23  2020
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Memorial Service for Murdered Migrant Worker

Nancy, BASE21 correspondent

Source  :  BASE21

There will be a memorial service today held by the ETU-MB (thursday may 30th - at 7 pm, yonsei university main gates) for sergei, a khazakstani worker that was viciously murdered by drunken korean men roughly a week and a half ago. Sergei, accompanied by his brother and four of his friends, were harassed and subsequently attacked after initially encountering a racist group of korean males inside a convenience store after requesting a toothpick.

Sergei and his friends, undocumented workers, were unable to defend themselves against the unprovoked attack because they were afraid of "causing a scene" and drawing attention to themselves. They were also too scared to call the police out of fear of deportation. So they ran - but sergei wasn't as fast as his brother and friends and was grabbed by the thugs and beaten to death.

Four Korean males have been charged with homicide. But this in no way serves justice: the bare fact is that sergei died because of he was scared of deportaion as are the 300,000 undocumented workers like him in Korea (2/3 of all foreign workers), forced to seek illegal work because of a drastically unjust trainee system.

Please attend the service and show your support for sergei and his family and your rage at this most sickening of crimes.

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