Jun. 28  2022
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Mr. Kim Dae Jung
President of the Republic of Korea
1 Sejong-no Jongno-ku Seoul 110-820 Korea
Fax: +82-2-770-0347

Mr. Choi Kyung-won
Minister of Justice
Republic of Korea
Fax: (82)-2-503-7103

Mr. Lee Han-dong
Prime Minister
Address: Central Government Complex 77-6, Sejongno Chongno-gu Seoul Korea
Telephone (82-2)-3703-2114

Dear Mr. President,


I/we are writing this letter to express our concern on the current move of your administration to purge out the undocumented migrants through the "Registration" strategy, while starting on May 25, there will be an expected intensified crackdown and arrest of undocumented migrants in Korea as earlier announced.

These migrants are forced to work abroad because of the worsening economic situation in their own homeland and to cope with the basic needs of their family. While in Korea, they contribute in the economy through the availability of their cheap labor services and as consumers.

We believe that this deportation strategy is not only simply because of the expected rise in the number of illegal or undocumented migrants during the World Cup and the Pusan Asian Games. This is but a divisive policy in line with the Government's agenda to maintain the Trainee System and implement the new Employment Permit System (EPS) for the new comers. Both the Trainee and the new Employment Permit system is and will not actually resolve the increasing number of undocumented migrants, as more migrants will experience more and more human rights violation. In addition the 'Registration "strategy to implement the new Employment Permit System is basically not for the currently undocumented migrants in Korea.

We are very alarmed with reports of heightening harassments and threats against those who are opposing this scheme. To express their demand, migrants are supposed to hel a rally but was blocked an suppress by the police and other agencies of your government. This is a clear violation of the fundamental human rights that prep-supposes the freedom of speech.

It is in this regard would like to appeal for your immediate action wherein undocumented migrants be given a legal status, to stop the suppression of their rights to express, and stop the series of arrest of undocumented migrants and instead implement a Genuine Legalization program that can be availed by migrants with undocumented status so that their rights as workers and contribution to Korean economy will be recognized.

We hope for your immediate and timely action in this regard.


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