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Korean trade unionists freed

쏷wo free, only forty-nine to go

Source  :  International Confederation of Free Trade Unions

Brussels, 3 July 2002 (ICFTU online): The importance of international trade union solidarity was once again underlined today with the news that following a sustained Global Unions campaign, two South Korean trade unionists were granted early release from prison.

Il-seup Kim, President of the Daewoo autoworkers union and his vice president, Sunggap Kim, were freed having served only 6 months of a 5 year prison term. The news came only days after a Global Unions-backed action day took place on June 27, picketing Korean embassies worldwide to demand the release of the numerous trade unionists currently languishing behind bars.

“Two free, only forty-nine to go,” said ICFTU Trade Union Rights representative Janek Kuczkiewicz, who led the 27 June trade union delegation to meet Hong Suk In, First Secretary of the Korean Embassy in Brussels. “This is an important step, but the fact that 75 trade unionists are still wanted by the Korean authorities starkly illustrates the need for us to keep up the pressure,” he added.

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