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Hyo-soon and Mi-son who were Pressed and Crushed to Death. . .

Date : July 1, 2002

Source  :  Jatonghyup

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May the soul of Ms. Shin Hyo-soon and Ms. Shim Mi-son rest in peace!

Our young girls who were so pretty as flowers have been killed by an armored vehicle of the US troops in Korea. The US Forces of Korea is concealing, manipulating the truth saying that they don't have any responsibility on the killing. The driver and those responsible officers in command are leading normal daily lives without any punishment. Korean authority is also not active in solving the problem. Now revealing the truth and the punishment of the responsible on the incident should by achieved by ourselves, Korean people. We have secured many pictures of the deads on the wretched spot, but we didn't publicize those pictures considering the pains of the bereaved families. However, under the recent circumstances that the demands of Korean people are widening on the fact finding of the incident, punishment of the responsible, apology and full compensation of Bush government, and the revision of the unjust SOFA(Status of Forces of Agreement between Korea and US), we have decided to publicize some of the photos with the understanding of the families of the victims.

We do hope that these visual materials could contribute to the just settlement of this miserable incident.

1) My dream is to have a pretty dolls' shop.

2) Mi-son and Hyo-soon were closest friends.

3) So the graduation photo was taken side by side.

4) Hyo-soon's dream is to become a painter. My hands can draw everything of the world.

5) Mi-son was good at embroidering. Just see how pretty my work is!

6) The night before the accident, Mi-son embraced her mom saying "the smell from you is so nice, mom, particularly today."

7) The dreams of the pretty girls were also pressed, abandoned.

8) Hyo-soon and Mi-son were pressed, squeezed and crushed to death, so it was difficult even for their family members to identify who they were.

9) Why were they killed, who were walking one after one along the edge of the road avoiding the armored vehicle?

10) The armored vehicle of the US troops ran over Hyo-soon and Mi-son pressing them wretchedly. On the body of the dead, the trace of the wheel is evident.

11) AVLM armored bridge carrier that pressed the girls to death.

12) The US troops banned the approach of the first Korean witness on the spot, and the contact of the Korean police with the driver of the armored vehicle.

13) Walker Parkray, the driver of the vehicle

14) Some of flesh and blood inside the vinyl

15) Just day before yesterday we played together with Hyo-soon and Mi-son. . .

16) My dear daughter. . .

17) Mi-son and Hyo-soon leaving their school

18) The last parting with the sisters who soon would be remained with a handful ash.

19) When the coffin is moved into the fire, the bloody tears ran from the eyes of Mi-son's father.

20) Just flowers of sorrow are added on the desk of Mi-sun, whose dream was to become a singer.

21) On June 16, the families consoled the souls of the young girls burning their belongings. The dreams of Hyo-soon and Mi-son disappeared as ashes along with their belongings.

22) In the night of June 14, the US troops called the families saying that they would conduct on-the-spot investigation during the night. They prohibited the approach of Korean civic groups by mobilizing the military police of the both countries.

23) The US troops even didn't know the width of the road. Families appealed.
24) In the afternoon of June 15, USFK broke the promise that after the funeral they would make an arrangement of the meeting with the families and the commander-in-chief. Ohno, staff officer of the US 2nd Infantry Division told a lie "there was some misunderstanding with interpretation."

25) The family members staged a sit-in protest in front of the US base's main gate to learn that USFK broke the promise of the meeting arrangement.

26) The map on the spot of the accident that the USFK shows at the briefing on the results of Korea-US joint investigation on June 19. On the road that the accident took place, two armored vehicles are not supposed to be crossed. Nevertheless, the USFK violated Korean traffic law and the US operational rules.

27) Photo taken by manipulating the angle of camera to emphasize the limitation of the range of vision. The focus is toward the people of the opposite side, not the forward road. The accident took place on the straight road, not the curbed street.

28) Division commander, US 2nd Infantry Division, who "apologizes(?)" putting the one hand on the shoulder of a translating officer.

29) On June 19 when the family members were outraged to listen to the briefing on the results of joint investigation that US side reported.

30) Major Bryan maker, spokesman of the USFK 2nd Infantry Division. In an interview broadcasted by MBC radio program of 'anchor Son Sok-hee Focus', he said " the USFK abided by all the security regulations and no one committed mistakes. At this moment the driver of the accident, Mark Walker, is leading a normal life inside the base."

31) On June 20, the soldiers of the 2nd Infantry Division lined up in full kit toward the participants of the demonstration.

32) On June 26, US soldiers with the bars toward the demonstrators through the broken iron fence

33) On June 20, about 200 Euijongbu girls' highschool students joined the demonstration in front of the USFK 2nd Infantry Division.

34) On June 26, the protesters are marching toward Euijongbu police station in order to urge the release of the two reporters who were arrested by the USFK during the demonstration and later transferred to the Korean police.

35) No more tragic victims by the US troops in Korea!

36) What is the way to console the souls of Hyo-soon and Mi-son and the sorrow of the bereaved families?

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