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The Murder of Two Teenage girls by American Soldiers in Korea

Two middle school students, Shim Mi-seon and Shin Hyo-sun going to their friends birthday party were crushed to death in Hyochonli, Yangju county, Gyeonggi province, by U.S. Army armored bridge carrier at about 10:30 A.M., on June 13, When the vehicle hit the girls, they were walking on side of the road.

Source  :  NACEP

Two middle school students, Shim Mi-seon and Shin Hyo-sun going to their friends birthday party were crushed to death in Hyochonli, Yangju county, Gyeonggi province, by U.S. Army armored bridge carrier at about 10:30 A.M., on June 13, When the vehicle hit the girls, they were walking on side of the road.
Many Koreans strongly criticized the American Forces in Korea because of the accident.
The Ministry of Justice asked the U.S. to waive their jurisdiction over this incident. They want the local authorities take charge of the legal proceedings against the suspects.
However, the U.S. Forces rejected the request, arguing that the ministry shouldn't set a precedents in changing the jurisdiction over the accident. The Americans want to deal with this using their law, the Statue of Forces Agreement in Korea.(SOFA)

If you heard that your daughters, going to their friends' birthday were killed for no particular reason at all, can you imagine your anger? Moreover, if the slayers are acquitted of the charge by an unequal treaty, can you understand this situation?
These unbelievable stories been happening in Korea for a long time. Previously, in 1995, American Forces in Okinawa Japan surrendered jurisdiction to a Japanese court over the rape of a Japanese schoolgirl from the area by an American soldier, due to the big rallies strongly criticizing the Forces. Moreover the previous American president, Bill Clinton visited Japan to apologize for the crime.
In difference to the Japanese case, in Korea, two young girls passed away. However, Korean authorities can't take charge of the legal proceedings against the suspects. The U.S. Forces only say that according to the Status of Forces Agreement signed by the Republic of Korea (South Korea) and the U.S.A., the U.S. Government has the exclusive initial jurisdiction over any U.S. soldiers who are involved in any crimes or incidents in South Korea while they are on or off regular duties.
Therefore, let's find out how American soldiers operate.

In photos given by the American 2nd Division it was proposed, as the result of their investigation on June 19 that the driver should obey the track commander's order as the driver couldn't see the girls.

The pictures seemed to be taken in a different location than the accident spot. We should check if they couldn't see 30 meters from the exact spot, to know if the driver really couldn't find the students. Moreover, they should have been able to see the two, because, at the time, the weather was clear and they wearing bright clothing. Therefore, their arguments show us some inabilities of American Soldiers.

The provost marshal said that even after braking, because of the carrier's weight and speed, the vehicle couldn't stop right away thus running over the two girls.
If the vehicle was very heavy and was moving so fast that it could not stop right away in an area where pedestrians were know to be then the vehicle was going too fast.

The provost said that the track commander saw the girls 30 meters away before and it took 8 seconds to meet up with them. He said, the commander called the driver by radio three times to warn that there were pedestrians several meters ahead, however, the driver didn't hear the warning. Here, there are two problems. First, the American Forces' battle ability is so wonderful!!! Even though they are in a war, they will not be able to receive commander's orders, going on toward their enemy's camp without stopping. Second, 8 seconds is enough time for a carrier to stop, We should investigate, whether the commander couldn't warn the driver of the pedestrians.
The driver should have stopped on the first order. The commnader doesn't have enough time to repeat his orders.

According to the Second Infantry Division, the driver couldn't hear the cautions due to noise. The armored vehicle is very noisily, especially when running up a hill. But, the commander of the 2nd division said that because of wireless communications the driver could not hear during the training exercise.
However, it is impossible not to hear through the combat equipment. The driver and the track commander are supposed to inspect the communication equipment closely to make sure it is working. Wireless communications inside a unit and between vehicles differ by frequency, its always possible to communicate.
The U.S. military stated the possibility that the driver didn't inspect the equipment well or didn't hear because he had taken his helmet off. It is against the rules not to wear this equipment.

We(NACEP) are still investigating whether the incident is an accident or intentional. we will find out the truth and punish accordingly. If this case is covered up by the U.S government or fumbled by inept Korean government workers, we will still be here and remember. We don't intend to criticize Americans. The U.S. Forces Korea (USFK) are continuing to commit crimes. Since you too are from a proud nation with human right sand freedoms. We hope you will consider your responsibility in this and take steps to prevent similar crimes.
In fact, we know the USFK and the U.S. government will not worry about our protest or struggle with USFK. But maybe the U.S. government and the U.S. military will not ignore public opinion in the U.S.A. Do you want to sit idly by while your nation is called "the axis of devil" without knowing the criminal acts done by the USFK. We remember that the former U.S. president came to Japan and apologized for sexual crimes on Japanese girls by USFK members. We want to let everyone know it and present President Bush to do so. Americans consider human rights important as they now call the handicapped the physically challenged, don't they? We desire not to remain spectators we know that two girls have passed away at the hand of some U.S. soldiers. We want to arouse critical opinions of U.S. soldiers' attitude to shut their eyes to fault and remind them of their careless mistakes. Again, your participation can survive Korean lives by copying this message to the other site.
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From National Association of Campus English Press, Korea
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