Apr. 16  2024
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Whose Fault?

By Shagor, Bangladesh worker

Source  :  Asian Worker\'s News No.136

On behalf of my friends, I'd like to share with you some thoughts and opinions that we migrant workers have.

Recently, the Korean government announced it would keep the trainee system and deport all undocumented migrant workers. This plan seems absurd to us because we were looking forward to the implementation of improved measures regarding migrant workers after voluntary reporting. Instead, things went the opposite way.

We don't understand why the Korean government wants to keep the trainee system, and we get very impatient with the way it does things.

I came to Korea as a trainee, but I've never had any lessons or training. I've just worked in difficult and dangerous jobs, earning little wages.

Despite this situation, which isn't unique only to me, the Korean government wants to deport all undocumented workers. It says that our illegal situation caused by our own fault.

If we do have a fault, its that we work hard, day and night, in vacant factories where Koreans go back their home, without any complaints, even though we think employers orders are unfair. We now realize that being patient isn't working and will demand our rights with a louder voice.

The trainee system, which causes us to have illegal status, must be abolished right now! And, a new system, which permits us to work as migrant workers must be enacted.

Give all undocumented workers legal status and apply the new system to us!
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