Jan. 23  2020
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Americas War Against "Terror" might set the whole Middle East under fire

The situation in Jordan is escalating.

Source  :  Base21

by Christian/Base21 Media Activist

Last weekend, under U.S. pressure, Jordan started "security operations" in the South Jordanian city of Maan.

Though in the beginning stages, the "operations" are taking on the character of a civil war. The Jordanian army sorrounded the, Maan, a city of 40,000 inhabitants, with tanks and heavy artillery. According to the last reports from the city, combat helicopters have invaded most neighborhoods and sprayed them with heavy machin gun fire.

The "operations", officially a mission to arrest the murderers of U.S. diplomat Laurence Foley, a suspected C.I.A. agent, who was killed a couple weeks ago, is now on the way to a war against the all opposition forces in Jordan. According to a leftist professor of the University of Amman, the "operation" will soon lead to a land-wide "battle against all kind of resistance against imperialist plans in the Middle East."

At this point, independent sources report that security forces have arrested dozents of journalists and opposition leaders. It appears that the Jordanian king and his government wants to prepare for war against Iraq, and to accomplish that goal, they want a completely quiet country--quiet like in a grave.

During the civil war between Palestinians, which comprise 60% of the Jordanian
population, and the army that ended in 170, over 3,500 people, mostly civilians, were killed in only a few weeks. It is clear that the Jordanian Military is well-known for its brutality.

Meanwhile, anger over U.S. imperialist policies in the Middle East has led to a new wave of attacks against American facilities in Lebanon. Recently in Beirut, a number of small bombs have exploded in front of U.S. restaurant chains Burger King and Mcdonalds.
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