Jan. 23  2020
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KCTU Appeal--Bloody Suppression

PICIS, in solidarity with KCTU, sends you an appeal for solidarity, about the death for a worker in Korea.

Source  :  PICIS

On January 10, a Unionist at Doosan Heavy Industries and Construction, a shipbuilding firm, burned himself to death. He decided to commit suicide in protest against company's brutal suppression over union members. Bae Dal-ho, a 50-year-old team leader of the boilers section, was found burned to death nearby the cooling tower. Bae had been working for Doosan for 21 years, and his family depended on his earnings. Doosan had asked Bae to take responsibility for his involvement in the 47-day strike in May last year. The company convinced the court to hold his wage and restrict his bank access. Before his self-immolation, Bae wrote a memo, which was found in his car: "Due to the company's provisional seizure of my wage, I had not received any pay for more than 6 months. No wage will be paid to me on this forthcoming payday, nor the day after tomorrow."

The members of the Korean Confederation of Trade Unions (KCTU) and the Korean Metal Workers Federation (KMWF) are organising nation-wide struggles. One of our demands is the resignation of Doosan president Park Yong-sung from the chair of the Korea Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KCCI), the retraction of provisional property seizure and charge for damage, and a special investigation on Doosan's acquisition of Korea Heavy Industries and Construction, the former firm of Doosan Heavy Industries and Construction.

The provisional seizure of assets is a new form of suppression over trade unions these days in Korea. Until now, the amount trade union leaders were charged with is about 200 million won each, regardless of their ability to pay. Around 50 companies are asking for a total of 22 billion won. Now, it costs us not only money, but also blood. Stop suppressing the union!

Our Demands

- Stop the suppression of trade unions!
- Demand special labour supervision over Doosan Heavry Industries and Construction and punish its unfair labour practices!
- Park Yong-sung should resign as chairperson of the Korea Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KCCI)!!

Please send a protest letter(following are sample letters) by e-mail or fax. (Please copy your protest letter to us,

Sample Protest Letter 1

President of Doosan Group & KCCI, Park Yong-sung
Seoul, South Korea

E-mail Address :,
Fax Number : +82-55-2645551~2

Dear President Park:

Having heard the suicide of a Doosan worker, Bae Dalho, I demand strongly that you stop suppression over the trade union of Doosan Heavy Industries and Construction through inhumane measures such as provisional seizure of assets and wages, and charge for damages. I would like for you to start respecting the fundamental rights of workers of Doosan, as well as those of Korea.

Thank you.

(Please your signature)

Sample Protest Letter 2

Mr. Kim Dae-Jung
The President of Republic of Korea
Fax: +82-2-770-0347

President, Kim Dae-jung
Seoul, South Korea

Dear President Kim:

Having heard the suicide of a Doosan worker, Bae Dalho, together with the thousands of trade unionists around the globe who are concerned with the rights of Doosan workers, I appeal to you to start respecting the fundamental rights of workers. I would like for you to take an urgent measure for protecting workers' rights of Doosan, as well as those of Korea.

Thank you

(Please your signature)


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