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Anti-war actions in Japan on around Feb. 15, 2003

To our friends who are against the War on Iraq,

Source  :  Asia Peace Alliance Japan

We should now seek for a peaceful means to solve the problem, not war that
would inevitably cause more suffering to people. In Japan, every day, a
number of small groups and concerned individuals are taking action against
the War on Iraq by the United States, appealing the Japanese government not
to support the U.S. military action. These actions also include solidarity
action convened by APA Japan, photo exhibition, music events.

Feb. 14,

"2.14 Rally: No War on Iraq - Stop the Emergency Bills - Conscience to hope
for peace from Japan to the World"

Feb. 15

"Stop the war before it's started! Stop the war by people power! -- 2.15 World Actions against the War on Iraq"
"Protest action at the U.S. Consulate"

"Discussion to denounce the U.S. & UK military attack on Iraq"
"Stop the war before it's started! - With people around the world. 2.15 International action in Osaka"
"Peace attraction - Appeal action at the U.S. consulate, Street action"
"2.15 Report on Okinawans' visit to Baghdad in International Action Demonstration"

"Stop the War on Iraq together with people around the World! - 2.15 Peace Action in Tokyo"

"Sapporo Peace Action"
"2.15 Stop the War on Iraq! Kushiro Citizens' Rally"
"Otaru Peace Walk"

"KINA Shokichi & Champloose Peace Concert in Iraq" by Okinawan musician KINA Shokichi and Champloose

Feb. 16th

"No! to Attack on Iraq! Stop the Emergency Bills - 2.16 Hiroshima Rally"

"Rally : No to the War on Iraq - Japan should not participate in the War"

There will be many more actions being planned in different parts of Japan. We shall continue our efforts and action until we stop the War on Iraq by the United States.

In solidarity with your anti-war action.
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