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South Koreans and Migrants in Preparing the International Struggle Day of the Working Class

Yesterday, April 27, on Yeouido the KCTU organized a 諛쟞rathon Rally

Source  :  BASE21

by Christian / Base21 Media Activists

Yesterday, April 27, on Yeouido the KCTU organized a 밠arathon Rally for preparing the first of May. About 500 runners were on the start. After the 밠arathon it wasn뭪 a real one, because only 10 km - migrant workers, members of KCTU/ETU-MB presented the audience revolutionary songs and some dances.

In the afternoon Students and migrant workers organized a cultural festival in one of Seoul뭩 industrial areas where many migrants are working and living.

Around 300 people participated the event. Strong speeches demanded full human and labor rights for migrant workers in South Korea, international solidarity but also they condemned the ungoing war against the Iraqi population on the sharpest. Mahabu, a migrant worker from Bangladesh: 밯ithout peace in Korea we even don뭪 neeed a working visa anymore. So our first priority has to be: fight against the possibility of war on the peninsula and elsewhere!" 밄ut our fight against war, exploitation and opression can only be successful if we all act together here on the peninsula and on the international level., Eun-ju a Korean Student added. She continued: 밒f we stop now our struggle against the militarist policy of the imperialists perhaps in the near future we뭠l have war on the peninsula. Because the U.S. but also Kim jong-il they don뭪 care about our future. So we have to take the future in our own hands! A bystanding Korean student: 밳eah, let뭩 demonstrate the world that another live in peace and equality is possible!

And of course the organizers of the event urged the audience to participate the May Day rally.
Beside the political speeches impressive dances and revulutionary songs from Korea, Bangladesh, Nepal and Indonasia where presented. The atmosphere in the audience was simply marvelous. On the end all together were singing the International in Urdu, Bangla, Korean, Indonesian, Nepalese and German language - and waving miracle candles. An impressive end of an great event.

On the eve of May 1st South Korean workers, students, anti-war activists will organize an enormous cultural event in Seoul뭩 Goryeo University.

On the May Day KCTU will held a massive rally in Soul뭩 Daehak-no and it will stay under the motto to achieve full democratic labor rights for the South Korean working class but also they will demand the pull out of the occupation forces off Iraq and keeping peace on the Korean Peninsula.

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