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Visiting Philippine president Arroyo in Seoul welcomed by protest.

" Leave us out of butchers club " Filipinos and Koreans lambasted 'non-NATO US ally' title.

Source  :  KASAMMAKO

Arroyo has joined the world's butchers club. It is not something to be proud of. Filipino groups in Korea said today on the conferment of the title of "non-NATO ally" to the Philippines by the US President George Bush.

Filipino migrants community (KASAMMAKO) living in Korea said that the title is "source of shame for Filipinos."

"It is not pride that we feel but tremendous shame. NATO is not such a reputable group to belong to for it's only purpose of existence is to protect the economic interests of superpowers like the US t! hrough coercion and sheer brutality,"
KASAMMAKO declared.

The said title was given to the Philippines during the state visit of President Arroyo to the US. Together with the Philippines, other non-NATO US allies include Australia, Israel, Japan and South Korea among others. According to Bush, the meeting in the US is a is an important step to say to the world that Philippines and the United States stand shoulder to shoulder on the issue of combating terrorism, North Korea's nuclear weaponry, and security in the Pacific.

KASAMMAKO said that Arroyo's jubilant acceptance of the title "shows her true warmongering colors". Arroyo`s recent trip to the US symbolizes none other than licking the blood-wet hands of Bush as its master.

"It is indeed a recognition for Arroyo's co! nsistent support to the brutality of the US in its 'borderless war on terror'. But do not drag the Filipino name in the world's hall of shame," members' remarked.

KASAMMAKO said that as expected, Arroyo's visit to the US resulted to more economic and military aid to the country. According to them, such aids "are double-edged assistance that puts in danger the lives of thousands of Filipinos."

"These so-called non-NATO allies of the US are countries where the US has a very strong military presence. To be included in this list is to fully invite US intervention in our country. With this, the Philippines will just be a warm up in the bloodbath that US is gearing for in our country and in the Asia Pacific rim," warned by KASAMMAKO.

The group scored the intensified military operations in southern Philippines as a "preview of what Arroyo has brought from her US trip". KASAMMAKO cited the displacement of 400,000 people in various provinces in Mindanao as well as the Luzon and Mindanao and the death of hundreds as due "to the loyal adherence of Arroyo to the US' will." The recent visit of Arroyo paved the way for additional deployment of some 1,400 US troops in the Philippines to further unleash the Arroyo government`s puppet or dog-like character and at the same time worsen its atrocities against the Filipino people.

"If Arroyo wishes to be proud of the non-NATO ally name, she should better leave the country and the Filipino people out of it. We don't ! want to be in the company of butchers and killers," KASAMM! AKO conc luded.

The protesters positioned themselves prominently in front of the hotel with their placards bearing "Justice Not War in the Philippines" banner, "US Troops Out of the Philippines", and a mural depicting Bush controlling the Puppet Philippine president Arroyo.

The demonstrators composed of Filipinos and Koreas voiced their opposition to the Philippine president's puppetry to the US government in her wholehearted support for the US war of terror, and inviting back the US military into the Philippines against the will of the Filipino people. They said that the Philippine military had proven itself the perpetrator of countless assassinations and other human rights violations and is known to be in collusion with the Abu Sayyaf bandit group whom the CIA created in the past. The demonstrators vowed to continue to advocate an end to US military aid to terrorists such as the Philippine military and the Abu Sayyaf and at the same time call on all Filipinos and Korean citizens to continue opposing US imperialist's military and terroristic agenda in the pacific.

The Filipino people have been struggling for over 100 years to rid themselves of domination by the US government. The strength of their movement poses a considerable threat to US control of the region."

Justice not War in the PHILIPPINES!
Arroyo US puppet!
Oppose the U.S. aggression in Korea, Philippines and the Asia Pacific!
Oppose the US military Excercis in the Philippines and Korea!
Stop butchering the people of the world!
US troops Out of the Korea and Philippines NOW!
U.S. Imperialist No.1 Terrorist
Oppose the U.S. Terroristic attack, aggression and intervention

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