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Palestine: A Road to Nowhere

Last week Israeli Prime Minister Sharon and his Palestinian counterpart Abbas accepted the so-called 밨oadmap to the Peace in the Middle East? But to where it will lead?

Source  :  BASE21

by Christian / Base21 Media Activists

Last week Israeli Prime Minister Sharon and his Palestinian counterpart Abbas accepted the so-called 밨oadmap to the Peace in the Middle East. But to where it will lead?

Sharon promised to destroy illegal settlements. He said he would remove illegal settlements, but what he has in mind is a few mobile homes or caravans in two or three hilltops, that is all. But all settlements are illegal! If they want to remove only some outposts perhaps they뭠l remove 17 from more than 100 it means that more than 200.000, in their majority, racist and extremely violent (and armed) Zionist settlers will stay on Palestinian soil. So, nothing will change.

Nobody talked about the issue of Palestinian refugees who had to flee the country after the 48 and 67 aggression. Instead of this Abbas accepted Israel as an explicitly Jewish state. And of course there will be no place for the refugees. So, nothing will change.

If there will be a kind of peace perhaps the Palestinian workers are allowed to work again in Israel. But they will work there again without any labor and human rights. Mainly it is a kind of modern slavery, comparable with the status of migrant workers in South Korea. So, nothing will change.

Perhaps the Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) will leave the Palestinian territories. So now the armed forces of the Palestinian Authority has to make the dirty work. Like before the uprising. And if they fail the IOF will invade the territories again like they did before. So, nothing will change.

This so-called Palestinian state will be a kind of Bantustan (like during the time of state racism/apartheid in South Africa) a large ghetto for the majority of the Palestinian population. The Palestinian bourgeoisie will be richer and richer because of exploitation of the poor, but mainly because of corruption like before.

This so-called peace if it really one day will be happen will be a 뱎eace made by the US dictatorship and only to the well-being of the Zionist state and capitalists!

So nobody has to wonder if one day again the next Intifada will brake out - perhaps more violent and with more suicide attacks. And if nothing basic will change in the Palestinian society the next uprising will be similar confused like the present 밒ntifada. Until now there뭩 no organization witch could lead a progressive uprising. The left (like Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine) isn뭪 left anymore they adopted too much from the Islamic organizations and the Islamic groups in fact they뭨e completely reactionary.

Meanwhile the IOF continue last weekend to kill Palestinians, destroy houses and block off towns and villages in the occupied territories. So, nothing has changed.
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