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Police provocation against migrant workers movement

Is this the beginning of crackdown policy?

Source  :  BASE21

by Christian / Base21 Media Activists

Yesterday, Sunday August 3, ETU-MB (Equality Trade Union Migrant뭩 Branch) wanted, how planned, demonstrate for migrant workers rights against EPS and the planned wave of mass deportations.

But before migrant workers and their supporters could start the demonstration, the cops made a bad surprise. More than hundred riot cops sealed off the whole area around Hunryewon Park downtown Seoul - all the entrances were also blocked by large units of riot cops. In the beginning nobody was allowed to enter the area, until he showed his/her passport. On the question from one reporter why they do so, a police officer answered that they search for illegal migrants. 밃nd then? another Journalist asked, 밯e뭠l arrest them, the officer answered.

ETU-MB staff asked if the cops didn뭪 know that the demonstration is a legal one (just days before ETU-MB got the permission from Seoul뭩 Metropolitan Police office), the cops answered that it doesn뭪 matter.

After half hour battle by voice ETU-MB got a victory and the cops in uniform left the scene, but replaced by many civil cops.

ETU-MB activist Shammar Thapa asks now, if it means that the massive crackdown will follow last Sunday뭩 police provocation. Kabir Uddin, active member of ETU-MB: 밯e have to see this as a pre-step of South Korean government뭩 crackdown policy. They mean it seriously and they really wants to threaten us.

So, next steps of ETU-MB will be to create a plan for struggle against deportation policy, and very important, to find more active Korean supporters.

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