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South Korea's Liberation Day turned into Day for Reunification

All in all a weekend giving new power for the struggle in future for peace and freedom.

Source  :  BASE21

by Christian / Base21 Media Activists

Last Friday, August 15, actually South Koreans had to celebrate Liberation Day. On August 1945 Soviet and American troops forced Japanese Imperialism to capitulate, also in Asia World War II was over.

But because of nowadays United States aggressive behavior against every other country especially against the 뱈embers of US declared 밶xis of the evil, and here especially the Democratic People뭩 Republic of Korea (DPRK/North Korea) South Korean activists renamed Liberation Day Reunification Day.

Meanwhile the South Korean government celebrated together with the Big Brother the Day of Liberation - during his speech president Roh warned against sentiments of anti-US Imperialism tens of thousands activists, but also railway workers, teachers and many students celebrated the Day of Reunification on Jong-no 2ga, a huge road crossing downtown Seoul. And how powerful and colorful!

In the opening speech leading activists of KCTU (Korean Confederation of Trade Union) condemned the aggressive policy of US administration against the DPRK, Iran and Syria. They demanded the immediate withdrawal of occupation forces out off Iraq.

In the most of the speeches the people also expressed their wish for a peaceful reunification between North and South Korea.

Meanwhile only few South Koreans used the new discussion board on the Internet site of USFK (United States Forces Korea) to express their opinion that US troops are needful for Koreans and Hanchongryeon (Korean Confederation of University Student Councils) represents only a minority of the society, without any influence, the audience on the rally cheered Hanchongryeon, especially for their activities against US forces in South Korea. Since the deployment of US Army뭩 Stryker Brigade Combat Team on the peninsula nearly no day passed without any activities against them. And always at the foremost front is Hanchonryeon.
At the same time last Friday only few hundret meters away, in front of City Hall some pro American reactionaries burned North Korean flags and pictures with Kim Jong-il on it.

Meanwhile on Jong-no tens of thousands fallowed a colorfull cultural program with songs, traditional and revolutionary dances, theater plays. The rally ended in the night with a candlelite vigil and a march to Gwanghwamun nearby the US emassy. There like usual large units of riot cops blocked the way with their busses.

Next day a demonstration in front of Yongsan barracks, where large units of US troops are stationed. In the beginning, the event started with a rally organized by Minju nodong-dang (Democratic Labor Party), only few people participadet. But after one hour more and more people arrived. On the end a huge crowd took the street between the USFK barracks. And by surprise for many the crowd demanded verry loud the withdrawal of US troops out off the Korean Peninsula. Thousands and thousands shouted: 밳ankee go home!. But even the provocative deployment of large untits of riot cops the event endet power- but peaceful. But from now even the US side knows that the parole 밬S troops out off Korea is backed by many South Koreans and they make no secret of it any longer.

Meanwhile the demonstrators expressed their willingness to kick out USFK a small group of right wing people few meters away from the event wanted to express their solidarity with USFK, but failed and left the scene soon.

In the afternoon in Seoul뭩 Shinchon district a anti-war rally took place organized by activists from South Korea and Japan. Common the protested against the occupation of Iraq, the ungoing war criminals against the Palestinians by Zionist occupants and against the threats of war on the Korean Peninsula.

The Japanese guests presented a great cultural program and during a demonstration to Ehwa Womans University and back to the park where a while later the cultural event took place, the demonstrators showed their creativity in producing highly imaginative demonstrations materials.
So all in all a weekend giving new power for the struggle in future for peace and freedom.

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