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Source  :  Equality Trade Union-Migrants\' Branch

Dear comrades,

October 26 was the beginning of unity - one sound, one heart and one mind for every single worker – of Korean and migrant workers. We never felt any differences of migrant and Korean workers. We have one heart and one sound, that's why we're saying: "We are one", "We are workers", "We must be united!" and "Let's fight together" Actually it was a beginning of new history in Korean workers movement after 13 years of migrants' working period in Korea. We, ETU-MB (Equality Trade Union – Migrants' Branch), finally succeed to win Korean workers' hearts. And we learn more from them. Our brave comrades joined the fight. They fought without any fear. This fight is an admirable in the history of labor movement in South Korean also in the world. Every member and non-member who fights against exploitation and oppression are a great hero. Also Korean workers who fight by supporting migrant workers are also heroes. We, ETU-MB, greet them with our highest respect. Also we like to encourage every single migrant and Korean worker to bring to collapse the capitalist plan to oppress and divide the working class. So, we workers have to fight against capitalism until its end - then, we workers can achieve our basic rights as working class and improve our live. Bidduth (ETU-MB struggle director) and Rason, another Bangladeshi migrant worker also are heroes under those heroes. Bidduth leads members and hold up the name of ETU-MB in every single attack.

His struggle teach Korean government that migrant workers are not afraid of their attack, also challenged them to face their any attacks. But, unfortunately they got arrest while fighting. We are sad to loose them. But, we are also proud too, because they fought until the last, even they were arrested. They shout the slogans and kept their dignity of true comrade. So, we have to learn from their brave heart and dignity. Of course they got arrested and are now in Hwaseong detention center but we must have to do our best to liberate them and we need unity and courage to do so. Not only for the freedom of our two comrades, also to achieve our demands, we must have to make ourselves strong. We need more unity, more dignity and organize the masses of migrant workers. So, dear comrades lets' join in ETU-MB, lets' empower our self to face every single challenge of South Korean government and let's be united to stop deportation and to achieve working visa.

Also let's join every struggle place of Korean workers and support them as much we can. We need to be united without comparing any religion, color, language, nationalities, and sex. So we really can say "We are one", "We are workers" and "We must be united".

Dear comrades, we, ETU-MB, again greet to those comrades who died for workers' struggle.
They fought for the majority of the people, including many minorities. Many of our Korean comrades had sacrificed themselves for the whole working class, minority people and to free us from the oppression of capitalism

Comrade Chon Tae-il,
comrade Bae Dal-ho,
comrade Lee Kyeong-hae,
comrade Lee Yong-seok,
comrade Kim Joo-ik,
comrade Lee Hyn-chung

and comrade Lee Hae-nam (who is still in treatment, Sewon Tech) and all the other comrades, killed directly or indirectly by the means of capitalism barbarism, are great heroes. What they did and suggested is the unification of the working class and suggested to fight against capitalism, against exploitation and oppression. Yes it is true, if we do not fight against capitalism, we have no other choice as to be slaves.

We, ETU-MB, want the collapse of the border between migrant and Korean workers, but also the borders between the workers of the different nationalities - actually we don't need nationalities. What we want is the globalization of the working class, a globalization of the grass-roots. There are no borders between the peoples, just between up and down!

Dear comrades, it is time to prepare our common fight against exploitation and oppression, for a better live for all of us! Let's be "Hand in hand". Let's be united in equality. With our unity lets achieve:

Release Bidduth and Rason!
Release all political prisoners who are jailed only because of workers' liberation fight!
Let's crush the manhunt and deportation plans!
Let's achieve working visa!
Let's achieve labor 3 rights!
Let's fight together to achieve the demands or irregular workers!
Let's fight together for 5 days work week under the condition of working class!

Proletarians of the all countries unite!

Equality Trade Union-Migrants' Branch
Seoul, 2003/11/3

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