May. 29  2023
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Fighting Migrant Workers, Portraits

During the nearly 10 weeks of our occupation of Myeongdong Cathedral萸 compound downtown Seoul. Mahbub, a migrant activist, made fascinating portraits of some of our struggling comrades.

Source  :  KCTU/ETU-MB


Now since nearly ten weeks we, KCTU/ETU-MB (Korean Confederation of Trade Unions/Equality Trade Union ?Migrants?Branch) members, unorganized migrant activists and some Korean supporters, are occupying Myeongdong Cathedral뭩 compound in the heart of the South Korean capital Seoul. By using this means we are fighting against the government뭩 policy of manhunt and mass deportation of migrant workers. And we promise the South Korean government: We will stay here even it is bitter cold (right now in some nights we뭭e temperatures until minus 18 degree), until they뭠l meet our demands!

* More about our struggle you can read here:
* And here you can send a protest letter to the president of South Korea:

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