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Proclamation of the Formation and Launching of the Korean Committee against NMD-TMD and for Peace

Today, We solemnly announce the formation and the launching of the Korean Committee against NMD-TMD and for Peace.

Source  :  Korean Committee Against NMD-TMD and for Peace

Today, We solemnly announce the formation and the launching of the Korean Committee against NMD-TMD and for Peace.

The world, today, is poised to catapult into an intensified military confrontation, unmatched since the height of the (thought-to-have-ended) Cold War, due to the adventurist pursuit of the National Missile Defense and Theater Missile Defense (NMD-TMD, also known as BMD) deployment plan by the U.S. Bush Administration.

The initiative of the U.S. government, which has the most powerful and greatest number of offensive weapons, to deploy the NMD-TMD system, is nothing more than a design to secure hegemonic monopoly in first-strike capacity and right. It is because of this that China and Russia have declared that they would build up their Nuclear and Missile potential. If this situation goes on, the world will face a new arms race for developing genocidal weapons.

The U.S. is in a great hurry to build and rush the NMD-TMD System, using as an excuse that she is defending herself and her allies against missile attacks from “rouge states, including North Korea”. This means that the U.S. would obtain supremacy in the 21st century by taking overwhelming global power and monopolizing the military potential of Space. Furthermore, as the world knows, it will guarantee the U.S. munitions industries unlimited profits.

In particular, the Bush Administration is justifying this project by fabricating or overstating North Korea's military threat because of its negative attitude toward North Korea. Now it is also creating new security tensions on the Korean peninsula.

Moreover, the U.S. is forcibly demanding that South Korea should support the NMD system and participate in the TMD system. The U.S. wants South Korea to buy American-made military weapon which need astronomical amounts of money. This Cold-War attitude of Bush is causing a new arms race and new tensions on the Korean Peninsula, at a time when the two Koreas are trying to greet a new era of peaceful settlement and cooperation.

The NMD-TMD plan cannot exist together with the peace and re-unification of the Korean Peninsula. The U.S. is attempting to make a Cold-war order in East Asia by compelling participation in the project and also by considering North Korea as an enemy. It is making the military confrontation on the peninsula more serious.

The Bush administration should stop its NMD-TMD plan, which may trigger a lethal arms race and threaten humanity already experiencing the pain of starvation, poverty, disease, and environmental pollution. It will divide the world into two parts and make a new cold-war era.

The "Korean Committee against NMD-TMD and for Peace" is starting its fight to prevent the project with the desire for world peace and for Korean reunification. We emphasize again that the NMD-TMD plan is nothing but a U.S. ploy to maintain and strengthen its hegemony in the world.

We declare that we will undertake all necessary efforts to stop the NMD-TMD plan.

We call on all peace-loving people and social and peace movement groups in Korea and all over the world to join in this movement regardless of differences in ideologies, political views, and regions.

Let us unite in stopping the NMD-TMD plan, mobilizing the power and wisdom of all peace-loving people, and pave the way for peace and reunification of Korea and world peace.

April 9th, 2001

Korean Committee Against NMD-TMD and for Peace

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