Jun. 28  2022
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Seven Year history with Migrant Workers, Ansan Migrant Shelter

It is just seven years since Ansan Migrant Shelter started fighting for migrant workers human rights.

Source  :  Asian Workers News

It is just seven years since Ansan Migrant Shelter started fighting for migrant workers human rights.

The Shelter is supposed to hold a memorial symposium and mass in Seoul Christian Memorial hall for celebrating centennial anniversary of Christianity in Korea on Nov. 27, 2001.

The seven year old shelter has been consulting on problems of payment and industrial disaster of migrant workers and supporting and operating the Home for Kosian (Koreans and Asians) for married East Asian worker couples. Through the home, it is taking action to discuss and improve their children life situation and legal status.

Since1999, it has also promoted the movement to make a Borderless Village for the purpose of getting along with Korean residents as closer neighbours. It is trying to make the villages less discriminating toward migrant workers, through sweeping streets and holding a cultural and art festival for the workers, a street exhibition for overcoming racial discrimination, Korean class for the workers, visiting hospitals for patients suffering from industrial disasters, operating a free clinic and operation of a borderless village bank.

Recently, Beotimmok, the volunteer team of Ansan Migrant Shelter, was awarded an honour prize from the Governor of Kyeonggido at the Kyeonggido Volunteer Conference and a grand prize from the Mayor of Ansan City, recognizing it as an excellent volunteer organization. Beotimmok has been operating Korean class for workers every Sunday, visiting injured workers in hospital, and providing powdered milk and diapers for the babies of international marriage couples.

The 7th Anniversary of Ansan Migrant Shelter will provide a memorial symposium with the subject of Migrant Workers and Citizenship, a picture and photo exhibition, and also a traditional cultural articles exhibition. For further information call Ansan Migrant Shelter on 031-492-8785
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