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MWV(2002/05/17) Crackdown is going on. Stop crackdown! Achieve working visa!

Migrant Workers Voice Special Issue (1)

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Migrant Workers Voice Special Issue

Crackdown is going on
Stop crackdown! Achieve working visa!

Do you think there will be no crackdown will stop while the registration is going on ? The Immigration said they would not crackdown for undocumented workers while the registration is going on.

However Immigration official arrested undocumented workers from Bangladesh(3), Pakistan(1), India(2) in a travel agency in Yeongdunpo on 8th May. They are in Mockdong Immigration now.

The immigration arrested them as soon as they went out of the travel agency where they refunded their airline ticket. The Immigration said that the migrant workers who registered has to keep the airline ticket always until they go back home. If they dont, the Immigration will arrest the migrant workers. This means that they are doing crackdown now against those who registered.
Many migrant workers planned to refund their airline ticket, because you won't need it after registration and especially those who don't want to go back home in March 31, 2003. As you know, this is the plan why the Korea government give undocumented workers the period of registration for deportation.
So we cannot be set at liberty from crackdown and deportation even though we registered and have a plan that run away from a factory after finishing the departure day.

What we can do ?
It is very clear that we want to work and live in Korea. We came to Korea to earn money because of poverty, but Korea government also needs us to work in the 3D industries. However Korea government is kicking us out as soon as they don't need us anymore. We have many debt to come here and have to take care of family in our country.
To achieve working visa is one and only way to get rid of the series of crackdown, unpaid salary, violence. and human rights violations. If we don't do anything, nothing will change. We can deported while we are waiting for a shift in the policy.

In Myeongdong Catholic, our comrades from Nepal, Bangladesh has been on a sit-in struggle for achieving working visa for 13 days now. They make a pressing demand for our rights. This strength can be strong more if you will be together. Even though you register, we have to fight together for working visa. Our unity is our victory.

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