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MWV(2002/05/17) Crackdown is going on. Stop crackdown! Achieve working visa!

Migrant Workers Voice Special Issue (2)

Source  :  ETU-MB

Migrant Workers Voice Special Issue (2)

Even though you registered, You will still be deported!

Do you think you get a working visa from registering? Absolutely NO! Registration is just to get a stamp to delay and wait for your deportation.

The Korea government wants to put into effect the Employment Permit System( EPS) which is similar with Trainee System starting next year so that the new comers can be controlled and exploited easily. To do so, the Korea government want gradually reduce and deport the 260,000 undocumented workers through this registration scheme until March 31, 2003.

Korea government makes no hesitation of flushing or kicking us out back to our home country. This means that registered and non-registered are all target for the Forced Deportation. The registered migrants will face the forced deportation if he or she doesn't have an airline ticket.

On 8th May, 6 migrant workers from Bangladesh, Pakistan, India were arrested and deported by the Immigration official as soon as they came out from travel agency where they refunded the ticket. Even though you have an airline ticket, A registered migrant who registered alone without an employer will also be deported. Those who registered without an employer is only allowed to stay before departure day, but is not allowed to work in a factory. So if the immigration finds out you are working, you will be arrested and deported.

A registrant who registered with an employer will be always in an employers' watch because an employer has to pay punishment fee if the migrant runs away. So he or she has to work like a slave. If he or she transfer to another factory, it means he or she become undocumented worker again. And those who registered under false address is automatically become undocumented.

We cannot step back any more. "We are human being but our human rights is denied to us. We are worker but we don't have labour 3 rights

We have no other options left but to fight for our right. Our option is to STRUGGLE.

Migrant workers and Equality Trade Union is on sit in struggle strongly in Myeongdong Catholic for stopping crackdown and deportation, achieving working visa. Korean government afraid of unite of workers. Let's struggle together with your comrades who have a ready deportation and is fighting on the brink of the cliff. Let's achieve working visa for working legally, crush crackdown and deportation.

Unite 260,000 migrant workers!
Achieve working visa!
Stop! Crackdown, deportation.

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Equality Trade Union Migrant's Branch
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