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Release Cobil, Bidu! Stop witch-hunt against migrants!

Dear international comrades! please support us!

Warm greetings from Korea!

On September 2 at 6 a.m,. 9 Immigration Bureau officials and about 30 police persons came in Ma-suk . They invaded the Bangladesh migrants' house and took Cobil and Bidu to the Immigration Bureau office. Cobil and Bidu have done a sit-in struggle at a cathedral from April 28 to the middle of July. So Immigration Bureau and police caught the head and the vanguard of a migrant movement. It is a signal gun which will follow an extensive crackdown against 260,000 migrant workers in every place. Cobil and Bidu are put in a probation office which is a kind of a prison.

On August 29, Immigration Bureau caught 14 migrant workers at An-san station. Unregistered migrant workers, registered workers, even trainees and industrial disaster victims are all caught by them. Migrant workers became the target of crackdown only because they are migrant workers. 3 migrant workers are released owing to the protest of Korean migrant supporting group members. However, Immigration Bureau will deport other 11 migrant workers.

Like this, the Korean government began a crackdown on migrant workers. They will try to catch and deport migrant workers as many as possible. It is a war against migrant workers. We migrant workers are not criminals but heroes of a production. We are not beasts but human beings. But the government and bosses underpay and sweat us hard. And they are catching and deporting us.

ETU-MB(Equality Trade Union Migrants' Branch) and many solidarity groups(trade unions, militant students, labor movement organizations etc.) are protesting the government everyday. Migrant workers are going to held a rally on September 8 in front of the United Government Building. The government may attack the rally.

The followings are our demands.

Release Cobil, Bidu!
Stop crackdown!
Achieve working visa!
Allow us to stay and work legally at least for 5 years!
Give us unpaid salary, retirement pay!
Don't beat! Don't abuse!
Let's unite and fight for our rights!

Dear international comrades!
- Please send us a letter of encouragement and support!
- Please send the Korean government a letter of protest!
- Please inform the international comrades of our struggle as many as possible!
- Please hold a protest rally in front of the Korean ambassy.

2002. 9. 3 Equality Trade Union Migrants' Branch(ETU MB)
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