Jan. 18  2019
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Autonomous Farming Village Resists US Base Expansion
  The farming town of Daechuri, Korean for "Great Harvest Village", will never reap its famous rice harvest again, if the United States military continues with the planned expansion of its Camp Humphreys Army base. This concentration of U.S. troops in the Pyeongtaek region of South Korea will destroy the the farming communities of Daechuri, Doduri, and others. Over 500 households and thousands of residents live within the zoned areas.
the distruction of pimatgol in seoul jongno gu
  wed dec 1, 2004--my friend, Christian Karl, from Germany, took this picture of me in front of Jongno Gu District Office translating the demands for one of the ajuma's-wholosthershop- on their 28th day of protest-an entire block has already been razed

Civic groups demand closure of U.S. range
- 2000.-0.5-/ 源젙슦

President promises to seek special legislation for Kwangju victims
- 2000.-0.5-/ 源젙슦

Journalists' accounts of Kwangju uprising collected in new book
- 2000.-0.5-/ 源젙슦

Japan helped Chun seize power, Yonsei professor says
- 2000.-0.5-/ 源젙슦

Epic drama marks 1980 Kwangju uprising; Famed poet/playwright Hwang Ji-woo reconstructs tragic incident
- 2000.-0.5-/ 源젙슦

[Statement]We Oppose the patent of Internet Business Model
- 2000.-0.3-/ 源젙슦

[Statement]We Oppose the Pohang Iron and Steel Co.'s Application for an Provisional Injunction Against Anti-POSCO Homepage
- 2000.-0.4-/ 源젙슦

Korea Wants to Lose Nothing by US Forces.
- 2000.-0.3-/ 源젙슦

Pres. Kim Calls for Uprooting Selfish Regionalism
- 2000.-0.3-/ 源젙슦

[NGOs in Korea- (2)] CCEJ Strives to Get Back on Track
- 2000.-0.3-/ 源젙슦

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