Oct. 25  2021
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NHRC Recommends TS Abolished
By Yoon Jae-hoon Staff reporter of Asian Workers News

NHRC Presumes to Protect MWs
-A Social Talk on Human Rights Policy Plan-

Our Struggle for Eradicating Discrimination & Security of Labor Rights
Voluntary reporting, is one of the policies "special policy for protect overstay" of Korean government will be finished on this coming May 25th.

The National Worker's Rally
- 2001.-1.2-/ BASE21 News Desk

Women & Migrant Work
- 2001.-1.2-/ BASE21 News Desk

Migrant Women Workers, Margin of Migrant Workers
- 2001.-1.2-/ BASE21 News Desk

**Who pays for transferring to another training company?**
- 2001.-0.1-/ 源젙슦

**Fight Against Oppression of Migrant Workers**
- 2001.-0.1-/ 源젙슦

**People Live Not Always By Choice**
- 2001.-0.1-/ 源젙슦

**Learning Korean Movement, Workers Determine to Enhance Working Environment**
- 2001.-0.1-/ 源젙슦

**JCMK Resumes To Reform MW Policy**
- 2001.-0.1-/ 源젙슦

Struggles for Amnesty and MW's Rights
- 2001.-0.1-/ 源젙슦

MDP Decides to Scrap EPS
- 2001.-0.1-/ 源젙슦

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