Jun. 27  2022
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Patents and Profit: Gleevec Price Talks Break Down.
Kim, Dongsook. Coalition for People's Health and an Equitable Society

Secure the Fair Use of Digital Libraries
It is unfair to use the copyright law to prevent public use of digital libraries

Discussion on the Internet is violation of National Security Law?
- Prosecution of Jeon Ji-Yoon is unjust!

People's Participation Must be Allowed in Privacy Impact Assessment
- 2004.-0.7-/ BASE21 News Desk

Fair Rights of MP3 Phone Users Should Not Be Compromised!
- 2004.-0.6-/ BASE21 News Desk

Conflicts Arise between the Government and Civil Society Organisations Regarding Proposed Privacy Protection Act
- 2004.-0.6-/ BASE21

High School Students File Petition Against Fingerprinting Requirements
- 2004.-0.5-/ BASE21 News Desk

Government DNA Database Project Lacks Legal Guidelines: Human Rights Organizations Raise Concerns
- 2004.-0.5-/ BASE21

Youth Protection Law Targeting Homosexual Web Sites; Homosexuality is not Harmful
- 2004.-0.4-/ BASE21 News Desk

We Will Not Obey the Internet Real Name Law
- 2004.-0.4-/ BASE21

Employment Permit Bill Passes National Assembly
- 2003.-0.8-/ BASE21

We hope Japanese Government to officially invite North Korea to Asian Regional Conference for WSIS
- 2003.-0.1-/ BASE21 News Desk

Patents and Profit: Gleevec Price Talks Break Down.
- 2002.-1.1-/ BASE21

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