Jan. 19  2021
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A History of the Imperialist "Great Game"
Afghanistan has been the victim of conspiracy and contention between the imperialists for more than a century. The term 쐔he Great Game was first used to describe the sparring between the British imperialists and Tsarist Russia over control of Afghanistan in the early part of the nineteenth century.

Israeli paper calls Jewish settlers thieves, who rape the Jewish religion
The Israeli newspaper Ha'aretz on Thursday castigated Jewish settlers in the West Bank for attacking defenseless Palestinians farmers and at gun point stealing their olive crops.

Invasion of Gaza a 'Matter of Time', Israel Tells US
Despite the "shock" of the EU, the "deeply troubled" US administration and widespread international condemnation, Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF, instead of IDF/Israel 쏡efense Forces) are persisting with their deadly military incursions into densely-populated Palestinian civilian areas and Israel has told the United States that an invasion of Gaza "is a matter of statistics and time."

[Proposed Agenda] International Peace Conference to Stop the MD Deployment
- 2001.-0.9-/ BASE21

[Proposal to Jointly Organise] International Peace Conference to Stop the MD Deployment
- 2001.-0.9-/ BASE21 News Desk

[Open Letter] The Korean Committee Against MD & For Peace proposes to jointly organize an international conference
- 2001.-0.9-/ BASE21 News Desk

- 2001.-0.8-/ BASE21 News Desk

My Experience of the Anti-G8 Demonstrations
- 2001.-0.8-/ BASE21

Joint statement for stopping NMD-TMD deployment plan
- 2000.-1.0-/ BASE21 News Desk

National Defense System of the Bush Administration, Korean Policy and Missile Talk
- 2001.-0.4-/ BASE21 News Desk

Open Letter to the Political Leaders of South and North Korea
- 2001.-0.4-/ BASE21 News Desk

Open Letter to the U.S. President Mr. George W. Bush
- 2001.-0.4-/ BASE21 News Desk

Proclamation of the Formation and Launching of the Korean Committee against NMD-TMD and for Peace
- 2001.-0.4-/ BASE21 News Desk

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