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Realization of non-violence and peace
  This is one part among GKU's manifesto, and is exactly what we think and are doing now.
We strongly oppose the Korean Government's Plan to Send Troops
  Even though our new President Roh Moo-hyun decided to send troops to Iraq, most of the Korean people do not agree with him. We belong to the huge anti-war movement stream which is flowing all around the world-- in Europe, Egypt, the U.S., China, Vietnam and Australia.

Reunification: Whose Decision?
- 2004.-0.7-/ BASE21 News Desk

Thousands of South Koreans Demonstrated Against War, Occupation and Military Threats - Here and Elsewhere
- 2003.-1.0-/ BASE21 News Desk

Brings South Korean and foreign 쐆uman right activists the possible process of peace on the peninsula to collapse?
- 2003.-0.8-/ BASE21 News Desk

South Korea's Liberation Day turned into Day for Reunification
- 2003.-0.8-/ BASE21

After fierce fights last week it finished with a great funny event
- 2003.-0.8-/ BASE21

Protest against the threat of war on the Korean peninsula
- 2003.-0.8-/ BASE21

쏻e셶e only one wish: Peace on the Korean Peninsula
- 2003.-0.6-/ BASE21 News Desk

South Koreans in struggle against US Imperialism
- 2003.-0.6-/ BASE21 News Desk

Next Friday's Peace Demonstration the Countdown is Initiated
- 2003.-0.6-/ BASE21

A Weekend in the Spirit of Peace and Anti-War
- 2003.-0.6-/ BASE21

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