Jun. 27  2022
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Relay fast for the end of war and peace

Now the sunset is beautiful, passing 24 hours which was given to me as monk Tic Nat Han said, I will fall asleep and I know I will have another 24 hours tomorrow. However, I am not sure the people-- the children, the old and all living creatures in Iraq-- will share the happiness of 24 hours with me.

Source  :  Green Korea Report

You and I will fall asleep recognizing that they may not survive till tomorrow morning on the earth. We did yesterday, did the day before yesterday. I just cry and do nothing with thousands of dying lives at the hands of one very powerful man full of arrogance supported by the munitions industry.

We saw the Iraqi children's big and pure eyes and they imply their potential future. We know that their eyes are not much different from the eyes of children who live in New York City. Only President Bush doesn't know it. If he could see sincerely what the eyes of Iraqi children want to say, he would not say "Yes, War. Attack on Iraq." Now, at this moment the eyes of Iraqi children are full of fear about war, death, and darkness without knowing what is going to happen to them. What they are going to bear in mind is the hatred.

Now, we and all the people on the earth against the U.S.-led attack on Iraq shout for peace. I am also with them and oppose the Korean government's plan to send troops. That is why I start a fast. I cannot perform a fast until the end of this war. But for all the spirit sacrificed by war, for the end of this war, and for poor Mr. Bush to understand the meaning peace.

Together with them, I suggest "Relay fast for the end of war and peace." We need to return the stolen futures of Iraq's children for the future of the earth.

With saved money from the fast, we can help Iraq's children.

March 21, 2003
Former GKU Activist Jungwoon Park
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