Mar. 22  2019
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[Open Letter] The Korean Committee Against MD & For Peace proposes to jointly organize an international conference

The "Korean Committee Against MD & For Peace" proposes to jointly organize an international conference, scheduled to be held in coming October, to step up for the people's global action to stop the US government's MD plan. ( for more details, please find attached files.)
Northeast Asia will be a key region for middle defense programs and North Korea has long been touted as one of the so-called rogue nations justifying missile defense. The Bush Administration's hostile attitude towards the Korean Reconciliation process, which brought together the leaders of the two Koreas at the historic June 15th summit meeting last year, is actually the real obstacle to peace in the region.
Contact : int'l coordinator Youngmi Yang pspdint@pspd,org Tel +82-2-723-4250

[Participants Guide] Seoul International Conference To Stop MD October 11-13 2001

[Proposal to Jointly Organise] International Peace Conference to Stop the MD Deployment

[Proposed Agenda] International Peace Conference to Stop the MD Deployment

[Letter] Dear Dr. Hans-Joachim Giessmann

[Letter] Dear Yang Young-Mi from Joseph Gerson

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  • Peace-yearning and loving People of Korea Denounce the Bush Design for NMD
    Korean people will unite with all peace-loving people of the world to frustrate the militaristic adventures and the insecure mentality of hegemony-thriving Bush Administration to pave the way for real peace in the Korean peninsular and the world that have long been victims of superpower machinations.

  • Civic groups rebuke US Gen. Collin Powell for his suspicious visit to Korea
    - South Korean committee for anti-MD & peace by civic group said 25th, July in a press conference for blaming Collin's visit "his visit actually leaves a lot to be suspicious in that he gonna ask Kim administration for its cooperation to pursue Missile Defense project and its target finally comes to a domination over the region of East-North Asia".

  • Proclamation of the Formation and Launching of the Korean Committee against NMD-TMD and for Peace
    - Today, We solemnly announce the formation and the launching of the Korean Committee against NMD-TMD and for Peace.
    The world, today, is poised to catapult into an intensified military confrontation, unmatched since the height of the (thought-to-have-ended) Cold War, due to the adventurist pursuit of the National Missile Defense and Theater Missile Defense (NMD-TMD, also known as BMD) deployment plan by the U.S. Bush Administration.

  • Open Letter to the U.S. President Mr. George W. Bush
    - We looked on with grave apprehension when you stood before the White House as the leader who would take the U.S. into the twenty-first century, in which she would have to bear heavy responsibility for peace and prosperity in the World. We cannot but confess our growing fear in witnessing our initial apprehension become reality with the passing of each day. Here, we would like to draw your attention to just one of the many concerns we have.

  • Open Letter to the Political Leaders of South and North Korea
    - We, the Korean people, are confident of our ability to end the national division caused by the Cold War in 1950s and to achieve a new age of peace and reunification on the Korean peninsula, as a result of the historic South - North summit talks in June 2000.

  • National Defense System of the Bush Administration, Korean Policy and Missile Talk
    - The National Missile Defense system has not been initiated solely by the Republican Party. The Clinton administration established Rumsfeld Commission, headed by current Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, to plan for a Theater Missile Defense system and NMD system.

  • Joint statement for stopping NMD-TMD deployment plan
    - NMD construction will damage the prospect of peace and unification on the Korean peninsula. Return of the cold war era in east Asia means resurrection of ideological confrontation and national division on the Korean peninsula. This will, of course, have an adverse effect on the thawing mood between the two Koreas.

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