May. 30  2024
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Christian's Photo Column   

Christian is a German journalist, photographer, and activist. He joined the resistance movement in Palestine for one year, and was once an honored guest at the Pyongyang International Film Festival. He now resides in Seoul.

Since the end of last year the Korean people are struggling to prevent the in that time planned war against Iraq. In the beginning, the first anti-war demonstration took place last autumn, only few hundred people joined the demonstrations. During the protests against the USFK the anti-war movement was very active in this movement.

But since the beginning of 2003 the South Korean anti-war movement was increasing. Like on the demonstration February 15 some thousand demonstrators took the streets of Seoul.

Beginning with the evening of March 20 the Korean anti-war movement rapidly decrease. Some times more then 10.000 people protested against the U.S.-led aggression.

Especially after the Korean public had to learn, that the govn't want to send Korean troops for supporting the aggressors the outrage against this plan was enormously.

Thousands of people - workers, students, migrants and artists - demonstrated against this plan. And even the cops got more and more violent the anti-war protestors promised not to give up until the occupation isn't finished.

  October 2002. The first anti-war rally in Seoul after it was clear that the U.S. was planning to attack Iraq. Only few hundred people joined the event. Only two weeks later. More then 800 people protested against the planned aggression.  
  The enemy is clear: U.S. Imperialism During the protests against the U.S. military presence in S. Korea - hundred of thousands participated - also the anti-war movement joined the demonstrations.  
  All together against the war: Migrant workers on the demonstration February 15. Beside thousands of Koreans also foreigners joined the demonstration.  
  Creative… …expressions  
  Street action last winter No comment  
  Since the battle against the troop dispatching bill… …the cops reacted more and more with violence…  
  …but with little success. Since the tensions on the peninsula are rising many people are struggling not only against the aggression against Iraq.  

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