May. 30  2024
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Christian is a German journalist, photographer, and activist. He joined the resistance movement in Palestine for one year, and was once an honored guest at the Pyongyang International Film Festival. He now resides in Seoul.

   Ten years ago: Racist pogrom in Rostock-Lichtenhagen, Germany

Bystander, complete drunken. Made the Hitler greeting. Gave quiet a lot of interviews for the intl. Media. Guess, what the mark on the trousers?

Dec. 1990: in Rostock-Lichtenhagen (northeastern part of the reunified Germany) opens the central admission center for asylum seekers (ZAST). A short time later it's chronically overcrowded.

August 22nd,1992: After some anonymous announcements over 200 fascist skins and more then 1000 Lichtenhagen residents assembled in front of the asylum center. Molotov cocktails and stones were thrown. Almost no police were on the spot to protect the asylum seekers.

August 24th,1992: The scenes from the day before are repeated. It's like a "public festival". The crowd (nearly 2000 bystanders/residents) is clapping hands and shouting: "Germany for the Germans, foreigners out!" Now, more than 500 fascists were acting. 400 cops get dispatched, they arrested 60 antifascists, who tried to demonstrate against the pogrom.

August 24th,1992, evening: The asylum seekers get evacuated from the admission center. In the building, more than 120 Vietnamese workers are left. Over 800 militant fascists and over 3000 spectators gather outside. The cops were moved away from the scene. At 9:35 pm the attackers burned the building down. Inside were still the Vietnamese families. The fire brigade can't help them, because there were no police for protection. The people in the house rescued themselves in the last minute.

August 25th,1992: The Secretary of the Interior of German federal state Mecklenburg-Vorpommern Lothar Kupfer denies that the Vietnamese families were in lethal danger. Fascist skins battle with police in the streets.

August 29th, 1992: About 15.000 people demonstrate in Rostock against the racist riots. Four days after they took place!!

August/September 2002: Ten years later nearly every weekend thousands of this "people" gets the permission to marching through German cities, screaming racist slogans and again and again hunting foreigners and leftists. Sometimes killing them. And there's not a really resistance against this.

  "For Germany we're fighting, for Germany we're dying" "Socialism is brown"  
  "RAHOWA" (Racial Holy War) "National liberation struggle, cannot be forbidden"  
  "German - national - radical" (the number combination stands for 1 = A, like Adolf, 8 = H, like Hitler, 'cause to show that name in the public is forbidden in Germany) "Not capitalism, not communism, for German socialism"  
  "Who protect me? I'm a non foreigner" militant "hammer skins"  
  "Finish with the NATO aggression" (in Yugoslavia). Yeah, fascist "peaceniks" "Against fascism and intolerance" They mean the antifascist demonstrators.  
  "At the time SA(Sturm Abteilung/storm department) primitively, spiritless, frightening" They mean the antifascists too - and under red flags. Former "communists" - now fascists. "Right and left together for Germany"  
  "National antifa (antifascism) organize" National "anarchists". As you can see, in Germany everything is possible!  

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