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Patents and Profit: Gleevec Price Talks Break Down.
Kim, Dongsook. Coalition for People's Health and an Equitable Society
Secure the Fair Use of Digital Libraries
It is unfair to use the copyright law to prevent public use of digital libraries

Internet and the hegemony of English
- 2001.-1.2-/ BASE21

Internet Content Rating System: Simply Protects Youth from Harmful Media?
- 2001.-1.2-/ BASE21

[BASE21 Int'l News]Report by Marian del Rey 2001 ICANN meeting
- 2001.-1.2-/ BASE21

AIRC Participant Profile: Alan Alegre
- 2001.-1.2-/ BASE21

AIRC Participant Profile: Alberto Escudero Pascual
- 2001.-1.2-/ BASE21

Statement By Lee Chang-soo, On A Hunger Strike Against Internet Content Rating System
- 2001.-1.2-/ BASE21

Liberating the Cyber Frontier: The Asia Internet Rights Conference
- 2001.-1.1-/ BASE21

Indonesia' Case: The Need of Internet for Rural People
- 2001.-1.1-/ Budi Putra

First Ever Asia Internet Rights Conference Addresses Common Challenges
- 2001.-1.1-/ BASE21

Asia Internet Rights Conference Opens Today in Seoul
- 2001.-1.1-/ BASE21

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