Jan. 23  2020
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Patents and Profit: Gleevec Price Talks Break Down.
Kim, Dongsook. Coalition for People's Health and an Equitable Society
Secure the Fair Use of Digital Libraries
It is unfair to use the copyright law to prevent public use of digital libraries

Human Genetic Code Protection Law petitioned
- 2001.-0.7-/ BASE21 News Desk

A Great Step Forward for [Anti-censorship] on the Internet
- 2000.-0.9-/ BASE21 News Desk

Internet Rights and Civil Society Movements
- 2000.-1.0-/ BASE21

Stop the suppression of on-line activities
- 2000.-0.9-/ BASE21

Compulsory filtering by government decree is not the way forward
- 2001.-0.7-/ BASE21

Korean progressive groups are preparing a Privacy Defense Act this year.
- 2001.-0.8-/ PatchA

2001 Campaign Against The Internet Content System in Korea
- 2001.-0.8-/ PatchA

Over 1500 life scientists pledge to use only journals that archive for free
- 2001.-0.1-/ 源젙슦

APC member in Australia consolidates its uniquely artistic approach to social equality and online awareness-raising with a merger and new sites
- 2000.-1.2-/ 源젙슦

Rio+10 has APC casting our minds back to 1992 and how we connected NGOs around the world electronically for the first time
- 2000.-1.2-/ 源젙슦

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