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Korean Workers Struggle, 2003

  Union And Railroad Management Reached An Agreement
Korean Railway Workers?Union (KRWU) and railroad management reached an agreement during their last-ditch negotiations yesterday, avoiding a massive railway strike slated to begin at 4 a.m.
  Trade union victory in South Korea: release of union leader Dan Byung-Ho
Korean Workers are very pleased to inform you that President Dan Byung Ho has just been released after his 20-month-imprisonment.
  KCTU Appeal--Bloody Suppression
PICIS, in solidarity with KCTU, sends you an appeal for solidarity, about the death for a worker in Korea.
  Bae Dal Ho A Steel worker burnt Himself
Recent provision seizure finally drove a worker to die. On January 9th Bae Dal Ho, Doosan's steel worker (ex representative of the workers union, 50), burnt himself and died to protest the oppression and provision seizure.

Korean Workers Struggle, 2002

  KCTU forces government to abolish the bill on special economic zones

500 Korean Confederation of Trade Unions (KCTU) members held a press conference and rally in front of the headquarters of the conservative Grand National Party to urge the South Korean government to abolish the bill on special economic zones (SEZ).

* Struggle Videos
- Video I: Police arrested Yoo Deok-sang, acting chairman of KCTU, and Lee Nam-sun, chairman of FKTU Real Player |
Window Media

- Video II: Harsh and cruel policy of the government toward laborers (Police attacked the workers) Real Player | Window Media

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  Labor Cultural Festival--celebration of spirit and struggle
This year's rally slogans were "Halt the retrogressive revision of the labor law! Abolish irregular work! Carry on the spirit of Chun Tae-il!"

  The Korean Government Employees Union (KGEU, President Cha Bong-Cheon) -the hope of 900,000 government workers - is angered, together with the people of Korea, at the outbreak of police violence at the peaceful pre-rally ceremonies
We demand that the government respect the National Government Workers' Rally that is to take place today, the 5th November, and should there arise any unexpected situation, the responsibility lies with the government. The Vice-president of the PSI, Kataoka Katsyuki, visited Korea to participate in the rally, and personally witnessed the violence committed by the police and expressed grave concern.
  KCTU and KGEU launch general strike for labor rights
The week is not over yet, but already a number of arrests, strikes, and demonstrations has shaken up the political and economic landscape in South Korea, setting the stage for a dramatic confrontation between capital and labor.

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▷ [Update] KCTU ends strike after government delays decision on workweek bill
▷ Government workers hold nation-wide rally for labor rights
▷ At the 3rd National Congress on September 15th, the KGEU decided to launch an all-out struggle including strikes in October through November

  5,000 Hospital Workers Strike in Solidarity

This is the first ever sector wide general strike for hospital workers in Korea. The hospital workers' general strike stem from the extreme repression of trade union activities perpetrated by the Korean government. At the same time, it is aimed at mobilising support and solidarity for the striking workers of the Catholic hospitals who have been on strike for 147 days.
* Video File
- [Real Player] Struggle against the police attack at Myungdong
- [Window Media] Struggle against the police attack at Myungdong

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▷ Anti-riot police attack striking hospital workers
▷ Korean security guards assault hospital workers

  Street seller commits suicide over city regulations

Park attempted self-immolation, which is to burn onself to death, on August 23rd to protest overly-harsh regulation against street selling enforced by city workers from Chung-Gu's ward office.

  International Day of Action in Solidarity with Korean Workers
The preparation for the June 27 International Day of Action for the Release of Imprisoned Trade Unionists in Korea, jointly proposed by the International Metalworkers Federation (IMF) and the Public Services International (PSI), endorsed by the International Confederation of Free Trade Unions (ICFTU), and supported by the Global Unions, is fully underway.
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Korean Workers Struggle against the Government Provatization Policy, 2002
At an emergency session of the National Congress on March 26, the KCTU has called for a general strike to take up the month-long strike by the electricity workers in opposition to the Kim Dae Jung government's privatisation drive.

- “We will live together and die together!”(interview with striking electricity workers)
This is an interview with a group of striking electricity rank-and-file workers who have scattered around the country in small groups (what has come to be called the ‘scatter struggle’) to avoid crackdown by the police. PICIS translated and summarised the original interview in Korean implemented by Chamsesang (Jinbonet) News

- Electricity Workers Are On Strike!! Your Solidarity And Support Is Urgently Needed!!

- Urgent Message from Korea: 52 electricity workers laid off! President of railway union arrested!

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▷ "We will live together and die together!"
▷ [March 1st, 2002] Electricity Workers Are Still On Strike!! Your Solidarity And Support Is Urgently Needed!
▷ [March 2nd, 2002] Urgent Message from Korea: 52 electricity workers laid off! President of railway union arrested!
▷ [February 25th, 2002] A Report on the Struggles of Korean Workers: Struggles Against Privatisation of Railway, Electricity and Gas
▷ History in the Making: the Railway Workers Strike
▷ History in the Making: the Second Day of the Strike and Solidarity General Strike
▷ So, What's So Illegal About Public Utilities Workers' Strike
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▷ KCTU Declares Solidarity General Strike
▷ Please Send Your Solidarity to the Korean Public Sector Workers!

Videos of the Striking Public Sector Workers

+++ Video of Students Fighting at Yonsei University
(24th Mar. 2002)
- Students fight with molotov cocktails at Yonsei University where electricity workers gathered from their 'scatter struggle' around country. A student protests against the entering of riot police into the campus. The workers successfully held their rally but were eventually cracked down by the police. Click here

+++ Video of National Workers Rally
(24th Feb. 2002)
- The KCTU held the National Workers Rally in preparations for the general strike. The workers demanded a 5-day workweek, release of KCTU president, and withdrawal of privatisations.Click here

+++ Video of Electricity Workers Announcing Start of Their Strike
(25th Feb. 2002)
- Electricity Workers take their place at the Seoul National University, and announce the start of their strike at 8:00am 25th February.Click here

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