Mar. 26  2019
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Presidential Candidates Should Pledge Their Commitment to Human Rights
The Republic of Korea should also ratify to the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court, which has already been ratified by 81 countries.
Family members of victims of suspicious deaths stage sit-down strike for 27 days
"Even though my son who was dead mysteriously, cannot come back to life, I never want these tragedies to happen again in which young people are unjustly accused of suicide."

Protestor萸 Show Solidarity with Foreign Workers in Korea.
- 2002.-0.9-/ BASE21

Immigration focuses migrant crackdown on JCMK/ETU-MB
- 2002.-0.9-/ BASE21

Migrant workers protest government crackdown
- 2002.-0.9-/ BASE21

[Update] Release Kabir Uddin and Mohammad Bidduth! Stop the witch-hunting to union members and crackdown undocumented migrants in Korea!
- 2002.-0.9-/ BASE21

Letter petition to South Korean government to release Md. Bidduth and Kabir Uddin
- 2002.-0.9-/ BASE21

Immigration officials illegally maneuvered and attempted to deport Kabir and Bidduth
- 2002.-0.9-/ BASE21

Release Cobil, Bidu! Stop witch-hunt against migrants!
- 2002.-0.9-/ BASE21

The 10th Preparatory Commission for the International Criminal Court
- 2002.-0.8-/ BASE21

Korean Homosexual Union set sail on July 26th
- 2002.-0.8-/ BASE21 News Desk

[Essay] New migrant workers for South Korea
- 2002.-0.8-/ BASE21

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