Oct. 15  2019
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Presidential Candidates Should Pledge Their Commitment to Human Rights
The Republic of Korea should also ratify to the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court, which has already been ratified by 81 countries.
Family members of victims of suspicious deaths stage sit-down strike for 27 days
"Even though my son who was dead mysteriously, cannot come back to life, I never want these tragedies to happen again in which young people are unjustly accused of suicide."

Cruel investigation Unveiled
- 2000.-1.1-/ 源젙슦

Statement at Reporting Rally on Migrants' Human Rights
- 2000.-1.1-/ 源젙슦

Administration leaves first trace to incarcerate I
- 2000.-1.1-/ 源젙슦

Liberty from Myself, Liberty from Authority
- 2000.-1.1-/ 理쒗썕湲

A Homosexual Says One Thing, A Newspaper Says Another
- 2000.-1.1-/ 理쒗썕湲

Democratize ASEM Now!
- 2000.-1.0-/ 源젙슦

Handed by human - Human Genome Project
- 2000.-1.1-/ 源젙슦

The Second Genesis, the Human Genome Project
- 2000.-0.9-/ 꽦떊뿬쁺옄떊臾몄궗

A film festival for human rights, opening Oct 27th
- 2000.-1.1-/ 源젙슦

Although a Nobel Prize for Peace, But........
- 2000.-1.0-/ 源젙슦

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