Jan. 23  2020
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Presidential Candidates Should Pledge Their Commitment to Human Rights
The Republic of Korea should also ratify to the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court, which has already been ratified by 81 countries.
Family members of victims of suspicious deaths stage sit-down strike for 27 days
"Even though my son who was dead mysteriously, cannot come back to life, I never want these tragedies to happen again in which young people are unjustly accused of suicide."

Severe beating with shoe to the fallen foreign laborer without reason
- 2000.-1.0-/ 源젙슦

Human Rights Group Web Site "Conquered" by The Police
- 2000.-1.0-/ 源젙슦

Illegal Strip Searches of KTU Teachers by Police
- 2000.-1.0-/ 源젙슦

Law on Assembly and Demonstration (LAD) about to be changed for the worse, yet again.
- 2000.-0.5-/ 源젙슦

A Choice between Army Service & Slavery?
- 2000.-0.5-/ 源젙슦

Think about Significance of Other Human Rights.
- 1999.-1.2-/ 源젙슦

An Open Letter to Pres. Clinton and Pres. Kim on the Nogun-ri Massacre
- 1999.-1.0-/ 源젙슦

National Security Law
- 1999.-1.0-/ 源젙슦

The Abolishment of National Security Law; Spirit of the Great Delight Year
- 1999.-0.8-/ 源젙슦

115 Groups Unite Against the National Security Law
- 1999.-0.9-/ 源젙슦

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