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  People's Participation Must be Allowed in Privacy Impact Assessment
We must guarantee the people's right to participate in the assessment procedure. In line with such thinking, participation of people in the preparation of assessments is definitely an essential criterion for establishing a desirable policy.

  Reunification: Whose Decision?
It is no longer up to just the U.S. citizens to recognize the Bush Administration.s regime change first method as the dangerous and senseless policy it is. Every country whose citizens may be directly effected by U.S. policy must demand accountability of their leaders regarding the U.S..s interests in their country. If Korean citizens want reunification, then it should be up to them to decide, not the U.S.

  North Korea, South Korea.: Is it the US.s Korea?
Feffer succeeds admirably in writing a book which clearly outlines the issues surrounding reunification of the Korean peninsula. He takes to task the Bush Administration.s regime change first method rather than diplomacy as the dangerous and senseless policy it is.

  Conflicts Arise between the Government and Civil Society Organisations Regarding Proposed Privacy Protection Act
Civil Society Organizations maintain that the privacy protection act should be established under the supervision of an independent body which can deal with both the public and private sectors.

  Fair Rights of MP3 Phone Users Should Not Be Compromised!
We believe public opinion which includes users is mandatory in order to resolve this MP3 phone usage issue. Should the government act to reach an agreement in cohesion with corporations and without considering the rights of users, every measure will be taken to express our opinion regarding such a decision.

  Government DNA Database Project Lacks Legal Guidelines: Human Rights Organizations Raise Concerns
On April 7, 2004, Police Headquarter announced the commencement of a project regarding the search for missing children involving the collection of DNA. Samples of children DNA who are presently under the care of protection facilities throughout the country and parents with missing children would be used to establish the DNA Database.

  High School Students File Petition Against Fingerprinting Requirements
The Resident Registration Act's unconstitutional requirements of fingerprinting must be stopped.

  We Will Not Obey the Internet Real Name Law
The Internet Real Name Law, which was passed at the plenary session of Parliament on March 9, 2004, requires Internet media and press websites to verify all names and identification numbers of authors who post messages on bulletin boards or chat rooms regarding elections.

  Youth Protection Law Targeting Homosexual Web Sites; Homosexuality is not Harmful
On January 4, 2004, the Youth Protection Committee announced a decision to remove homosexuality from the individual assessment list of harmful materials to youth. This list included materials describing bestiality, or other motivating socially unacceptable sexual activity including orgy, incest, homosexual love, masochism, sadism, and prostitution.

  U.S. government should stop the US-VISIT Immediately.
On Feb. 5th, nineteen civic, social and human rights organizations in South Korea hold a press conference in front of the U.S. embassy protesting against the US-VISIT and criticized that it was an apparent violation of human right.

  U.S. Influence on Korean Intellectual Property Rights Laws Furthers U.S. Imperialism
The Intellectual Property Right is not merely a possession of copyright holders. Intellectual products would be meaningless if there were no users to enjoy them. It must be recognized that the fundamental aim of the Intellectual Property Right regime is to strengthen the consensus and exchange between the authors and users.

  Immigration Office in South Korea is threaten to smash migrant.s trade union
According to the International Secretary of ETU-MB it is as a direct warning to the address of the struggling members of MSSC and all migrant workers in South Korea, refusing to leave voluntarily the country.

  Workers Rights Asserted
Guidelines against Workplace Surveillance by the Alliance to Abolish Workplace Surveillance has asserted workers rights to reject employers total impunity in using surveillance of employees at their workplace.

  Fighting Migrant Workers, Portraits
Since nearly ten weeks Myeongdong Sit-in Struggle Collective (MSSC) is occupying (see our previous article about the struggle of migrant workers in South Korea) Myeongdong Cathedral.s compound. During this period Mahbub, MSSC member from Bangladesh, made fascinating portraits from struggling migrant workers.

  Migrant workers movement once again was attacked, but get a broader forum
Here the government offered a light modified plan for to get rid with the problem of protesting migrants. But because the plan brings nothing really new, the MSSC in a general assembly on Jan. 18 decided to continue the sit-in struggle, until the government meets their demands and migrants achieve legalization in South Korea and the government will release all migrant workers from detention centers.

  Migrant workers struggle is going on - without any break
Short before the end of the rally, around 100 migrants and some Korean supporters participated, about 50 immigration officers, backed by at least 120 riot cops attacked the MSSC members and tried to arrest them.

  Bidu and Jamal deported
Jamal was active in the migrant movement and a sympathizer of ETU-MB. Both, Bidu and Jamal participated in the rally and demonstration in October 26, organized by KCTU to protest against the repression against union.s activities.

  Five weeks struggle against manhunt and deportation
.During the time the imperialist powers want to rule the whole world, we cannot demand only our own cases . the struggle for peace, justice and a world without exploitation and oppression is our common issue independent of our nationality.

  Even they'll threat us with police - migrants in South Korea never will give up!
"We are one community, we learned to live together and to share our happiness, our sufferings. It is like the government want to expel my sisters and brothers out of the country!"

  Two weeks of manhunt, two weeks of occupation
Last developments in the migrant workers issue and the struggle against government.s policy

  Saturday's KCTU rally for support the struggle of ETU-MB and other activities
Since more than one week ETU-MB (Equality Trade Union ?Migrants?Branch) activists and their allies from KCTU (Korean Confederation of Trade Unions), Hanguk Migrant Worker's Human Rights Center, Incheon, Nepal Struggle Team and KASAMMAKO (Alliance of Filipino Migrant Organizations & Migrante Sectoral Party - Korea Chapter), are occupying Myeongdong Cathedral. compound downtown Seoul.

We are writing to protest the appalling crackdown on migrant workers that is now underway in Korea. We understand that as many as 130,000 people are at risk of deportation.

Joint Statement: Struggle for Legalization and Working Visa! Fight Working Class Oppression!

  ETU-MB's activists in Hwaseong detention center
During last Sunday.s, October 26, police attacks against the demonstration of migrant and Korean irregular workers, at 5 pm were arrested. After the cops took them, around 40 riot cops surrounded Bidduth and Rason, handcuffed them on the back. and beat them up.

  No fight - no victory! New time brings a new tide.
We, ETU-MB, want the collapse of the border between migrant and Korean workers, but also the borders between the workers of the different nationalities - actually we don't need nationalities. What we want is the globalization of the working class, a globalization of the grass-roots. There are no borders between the peoples, just between up and down!

  Daily protests in Korea against neoliberal policies and repression
Protests against liberalisation of services and agriculture, and against repression on workers have been taking place in Korea almost everyday during the last week. Number of injuries are accumulating as riot police continue to brutally suppress demonstrations.

  "STOP the 5th Ministerial! NO to WTO! Korean People's Delegation to Cancun"
We, the 180 peasants, workers, teachers, health workers, activists from political parties, social and political organisations, travelled to Cancun, Mexico, where the 5th WTO Ministerial had taken place. We returned, after having fought against the WTO that destroys the lives of the peoples all around the world, after having stopped the Doha Development Agenda from making further progress, after having struggled in order to construct another globlisation in which the lives and the rights of the peoples all around the world are respected.

  New suicide, police terror and arresting in Seoul, South Korea
"Stop discrimination against irregular workers!"

  Do not kill any more
"We demand that the government and capital stop the repressive neoliberal attack on the workers and that they stop their irrational and unjust acts. Moreover, we demand the stop to discrimination of irregular workers -the demand of Lee Yong-Seok- and protection of their basic rights. This is the only way that the extreme self-immolation of the workers can be stopped."

  A new attempt for suicide as a direct result of massive oppression against the trade union movement in South Korea
October 22, short before 9 pm Lee Hae-nam, the president of Sewon Tech Metal Worker Union in Daegu set him self on fire. With this action he tried to protest against the oppression on the union in Sewon Tech Co by the management.

  Another worker driven to his death in Korea
Kim Joo-Ik, aged 39, is survived by his wife Park Sung-Hee, two sons aged 12 and 7(Joon-Yup and Joon-Ha), and a 10 year old daughter(Hye-Min). The up-coming struggle will decide if his message to the people of Korea survives.

  South Korean Migrant Worker Union’s Attractiveness is Strongly Increasing
“This should be only the beginning. We’re one thousand, but there’re more than 200.000 so-called illegal migrant workers in the country ? still unorganized. This we’ve to change!”

  Thousands of South Koreans Demonstrated Against War, Occupation and Military Threats - Here and Elsewhere
"Only if all Koreans, who don't like the idea of war - and this is the majority of the South Korean population - will be active, we're able to stop the policy of imperialism and militarism."

  Cancun WTO Summit: A New Victim of Capitalism
Kyung-Hae Lee, you will be remembered forever, as is Emiliano Zapata and our other revolutionary leaders who have inspired generations of activists. Tears and determination are the molten lava of a volcano that is erupting in the streets of Cancun.

  Brings South Korean and foreign .human right. activists the possible process of peace on the peninsula to collapse?
It.s clear, that in sensitive situations like now, activities like that can bring the whole process of multilateral dialogue with the DPRK to collapse and in the worst scenario the Korean Peninsula on the brink of war, many people here worry about.

  South Korean migrant workers union on the way in the right direction
All in all it was a very successful event - even it was raining cats and dogs - and ETU-MB found out that it makes much more sense when migrant unionists go to areas where migrant workers are living and working instead of running around downtown Seoul.

  South Korea's Liberation Day turned into Day for Reunification
All in all a weekend giving new power for the struggle in future for peace and freedom.

  After fierce fights last week it finished with a great funny event
Last week, mainly anti-war and student activists, the most of them member of Hanchongryeon (Korean Confederation of Student Councils) attacked nearly daily USFK (United States Forces Korea) facilities.

  Protest against the threat of war on the Korean peninsula
Yesterday around 200 student activists from Hanchongryeon (Korean Confederation of Student Councils) went to Pocheon north of Seoul in Gyeonggi-do (province), where the Stryker platoon is based. There the activists protested against the U.S. policy of militarism on the Korean peninsula, but also in the Middle East.

  Police provocation against migrant workers movement
Is this the beginning of crackdown policy?
  Employment Permit Bill Passes National Assembly
The new legislation requires migrant workers to renew their employment contracts annually and bans them from working in South Korea for more than three years.

  Plundering the poor, corruption - just the ordinary capitalism in South Korea
Of course this is only a part of this rotten capitalist society, but we’ll fight against it and we’ll find ways to avoid situations like our present in the future.

  Migrant worker struggle in South Korea is increasing -- on the fields of politics, but also in the factories
Last Sunday ETU-MB members and many Korean students marched from a Park downtown Seoul through the city to Myeongdong cathedral to push the demands for abolish Industrial Trainee System, against the planned EPS, to achieve working visa and full human and labor rights.

  NEIS isn’t nice, not at all
The struggle against NEIS brings the first hard consequences

  Migrant Worker’s Struggle Against Crackdown and Deportation Reaches its Highest Point
Open Letter to the President of the Republic of Korea, Roh Moo-hyun

  Government’s massive oppression against the union brings the end of the strike
Tuesday afternoon the Korean Railway Workers' Union (KRWU) called for an end of the four-day strike of railway workers. Hours before the South Korean government threaten the workers with intensified oppression.
  Railway worker strike and mass rallies against the South Korean government
Monday afternoon, Yeouido, Seoul: Thousands of farmers, workers and students held a rally in front of National Assembly to protest the plans of South Korean government to privatize the railroad net.
  Urgent Appeal : Tell the Korean Government to Refrain from Using Police Force to Crush the Strike
The Korean Confederation of Trade Unions calls on all trade unions to urgently write to the Korean Government to take necessary measures that meets the demands of social dialogue in order to explore reasonable solution demanded by Korean Railway Workers' Union instead of using riot police force against striking workers.
  Why Korean Railway workers embarked upon a strike?
KCTU oppose strongly the "law on the reform of railway construction" not because we do not want the 'reform' of the Korean railway but the law never guarantee the public value of Korean railway.
  Mass Strikes in South Korea: The Government calls for Police and Public Prosecutor
South Korea, perhaps, is facing a wave of massive strikes.

  The marchers make democracy work
Hong Kong plunged yesterday into its "deepest political crisis" since the 1997 handover to China when the territory's leader, Tung Chee-hwa, was forced into a humiliating u-turn on security legislation demanded by Beijing, the British newspapers reported on Tuesday.

  After the Saturday’s large demonstration against NEIS South Korean government shows how it understand the democracy
KTEWU said that more than 80 per cent of the teachers are against implementing of NEIS because it’s violating the human rights.
  Human Rights Activists in South Korea start Hunger Strike against National Education Information System (NEIS)
"the core debate of NEIS is related to the human rights in information society, and we never allow the implementation of NEIS, and will continue this struggle until the government announces that they would halt the implementation of NEIS."

  South Koreans in struggle against US Imperialism
Last Friday evening and night ten thousands - students, unionists, street vendors and professor - gathered in front of Seoul’s City Hall to remember the killing of the two schoolgirls, Shin Hyo-soon and Shim Mi-seon, by US armored vehicle exactly one year before.

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▷ Next Friday's Peace Demonstration the Countdown is Initiated

  “We’ve only one wish: Peace on the Korean Peninsula”
South Korea still has the National Security Law. According this "Law" everything related to the North means supporting the enemy, a major criminal act. Of course the North has similar laws, with the only difference that the punishment in the North it might be much more severe.

  Palestine: A Road to Nowhere
Last week Israeli Prime Minister Sharon and his Palestinian counterpart Abbas accepted the so-called 밨oadmap to the Peace in the Middle East? But to where it will lead?

  Three steps forward, one deep bow -- one unusual protest against capitalist greed of profit
The ritual has increased fierce debates over the Saemangeum reclamation project, which the government has initiated in the face of heated opposition from environmentalists here and abroad who argue it will destroy one of the world뭩 five major wetlands, killing thousands of precious marine life.

  Visiting Philippine president Arroyo in Seoul welcomed by protest.
" Leave us out of butchers club " Filipinos and Koreans lambasted 'non-NATO US ally' title.
  Filipino president Arroyo, one of the main supporters of the US imperialists
Some Filipino groups in South Korea said today on the conferment of the title of non-NATO ally to the Philippines by US president Bush, so the representative of KASAMMAKO.

  Grand Opening of Human Right Film Festival in Seoul
Last Friday the 7th Human Right Film Festival started with a great opening ceremony. The main issues of years film festival: international solidarity and the case of anti-war.

  Korean Activists Hold Strategy Workshop to Plan Struggles for the Upcoming WTO Ministerial
The premise for the workshop was that mass mobilisations in Korea as well as international solidarity with global social movements are prerequisite to fight against the trade regime that protects the free movement of capital at the sake of the rights of oppressed around the world. Thus, the main aim of the workshop was coming up with preliminary plans to mobilise mass action during the period leading up to September and also at Cancun itself.
  Struggle Against Neoliberalism Continues in Korea
- Latest update on resistance against FTAs, WTO and liberalisation policies of the Korean government

Migrant Workers Struggle in South Korea
  ETU-MB rally against crackdown, EPS
Yesterday members of ETU-MB, Korean students from different universities, Korean anarchists and members from other trade unions held a rally in front of National Assembly, the South Korean Parliament.
  Migrant Workers don’t want one modified trainee system
According to the new law at first that the migrant workers can’t choose the factory. In the reality migrant workers will choose their own working place, but then they will be again “illegal” and of course without labor rights.
  Migrant Worker’s Solidarity Charity Concert for Ratan Bapary
May 11th, ETU-MB organized a charity concert for Ratan Bapary, a migrant worker from Bangladesh. Last year he’d an accident and since this time he has to be in hospitals for several treatments and operations.
  Planned working permition system for migrant workers for South Korean unions not enough
South Korea's unions lambasted the government's plan to implement the exclusive work permit system for migrant workers on a trial basis as a withdrawal from its reform drive.
  Working Permition for Migrant Workers - A Step Forward in the Right Direction
South Korea's Ministry of Labor is moving to allow foreign industrial trainees to hold wage-earning positions, beginning as early as July, according to the daily JoongAng Ilbo, March 29. The new job category will replace the trainee program, which is more a kind of modern slavery as anything else.

The National Executive Committee (NEC) of CEPPWAWU has suspended our Regional Office Bearers (ROBs) and they are: cdes John Appolis, Dan Nkotsoe, Vuyani Tayika and Nomboniso Ndlwana. The NEC suspended them on the 6th May 2003.

Korean Workers Struggle Special Section
  [Photo] 2003 Mayday Struggle in South Korea II
2003 Mayday, Korean Confederation of Trade Unions (KCTU) held mayday demonstration with about thirty thousand workers and students at Daehackno and marched to Seoul city hall.

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▷ 430 Mayday Eve Festival and Demonstration
  South Koreans and Migrants in Preparing the International Struggle Day of the Working Class
Around 300 people participated the event. Strong speeches demanded full human and labor rights for migrant workers in South Korea, international solidarity but also they condemned the ungoing war against the Iraqi population on the sharpest.
  Struggle Against Neoliberalism Continues in Korea
- Latest update on resistance against FTAs, WTO and liberalisation policies of the Korean government

2003 Korean People's Struggle Special Section against the US war
  A Weekend in the Spirit of Peace and Anti-War
Speeches against the US-led aggression, against the presence of US troops on the Korean peninsula and for a peaceful unification were held. The organizers presented also a very good cultural program with stage plays, dance and music.
  "Our first priority has to be to fight against the possibility of war on the peninsula......"
"Migrant workers from different nationalities in Korea stand united against the US war against Iraq. We join in solidarity with other peace and freedom loving people in Korea and the rest of the world, and with millions of our fellow migrants and compatriots in our homelands and overseas, in saying NO! to this unjust war."
  [Christian's Photo Column] South Korea is Fighting against the War
Since the end of last year the Korean people are struggling to prevent the in that time planned war against Iraq. In the beginning, the first anti-war demonstration took place last autumn, only few hundred people joined the demonstrations.
  Photo Gallery of Korea Antiwar rally
Since the beginning of 2003 the South Korean anti-war movement was increasing. Like on the demonstration February 15 some thousand demonstrators took the streets of Seoul.
  Last weekend’s anti-war activities in Seoul
Last Friday the 2nd Students Action Day was held in Seoul. In Ehwa Woman’s University a very active Anti-war group ( celebrated “Daisy Day” with great music (ace Korean punk!), movies and other actions against the war.
  Students Action Day against the war in Iraq and other anti-war activities in Seoul
After the grim struggle last week against the bill to send South Korean troops into the war zone, last friday the first Stundents Action Day was held in Seoul. Students from several universities boycotted the classes.
  KCTU remains adamantly opposed to war, vows to continue struggle
The Korean Confederation of Trade Unions(KCTU) has been deeply involved in the rise of the anti-war, anti-deployment of Korean troops struggle during the past several weeks.
  The Battle About the Bill of Dispatching South Korean Troops to Iraq - Or What the Parliamentarian Democracy is Teaching Us
On April 2, after massive pressure from the government the majority of the National Assembly, the South Korean Parliament, voted with 179 voices for the bill. But 68 voices voted against the bill.

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▷ Victory for Korean Anti-War Protestors
▷ Professor says America's talk about Democracy for Iraq is a big lie
▷ Massive Anti-War Protests Last Weekend All Around South Korea
▷ Worldwide again mass protests took place against the planned war
▷ KCTU called on the workers to organize an international Labor delegation to Irap
▷ We Condemn Bush’s War
▷ NO to US Invasion of Iraq! NO to Neoliberal Globalization!
▷ Anti-war protest in Seoul draws thousands
▷ Democratic Labor Party of South Korea Urges Prosecutor of ICC to initiate investigation on the War Criminals - George W. Bush, Tony Blair and John Howard
▷ Democracies can do very bad things

  5 Palestinians Killed, 70 Wounded In Zionist Raid

Five Palestinians were killed and 70 others injured during an overnight raid into Yabna refugee camp in the southern Gaza Strip town of Rafah late Saturday, April 19, during which an Israeli soldier was also killed three others injured.
  Zionist occupation kills 565 Palestinian children during intifada

The Palestinian Authority's health ministry has declared that Zionist occupation forces had killed hundreds of Palestinian juveniles and scores of babies in their mothers's wombs since eruption of the Aqsa intifada on 28th September 2000.
  Zionist terrorists may commit massacres in Hebron

Israeli officials are worried that Zionist terrorists will resume thier terrorist activities against Palestinians, and a top concern is that they might attack Islamic holy sites.

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▷ Palestinians receive "Nazi-like treatment" in Israeli concentrations camps
▷ Israeli occupation army attacks Palestinian towns, kills 7 in 24 hours
▷ Israeli occupation army interns hundreds at refugee camp
▷ Palestinians worry about the near future
▷ Open-ended Hunger Strike in Jericho Central Prison
▷ One Palestinian, two Israeli soldiers, killed in West Bank
▷ Sharon presents extreme right-wing government to Knesset
▷ "This is our hobby." Soldiers Around Nablus Threaten to Murder International Activists.
▷ Inmates in Israeli concentration camp say “we were showered with rubber-bullets, fire-bombs, suffocating gas”
▷ Israel army murders 12 Palestinians in Gaza rampage
▷ Zionist Settlers in Hebron: “Send Arabs to Gas Chambers for Arabs”
▷ Israeli regime imposes further draconian measures against Palestinians
▷ 28 newborns died at Zionist army roadblocks in 2002
▷ Israeli army torments Palestinians, rampages through towns following Jerusalem bombing
▷ Palestinians declare Rafah “disaster area”
▷ Israeli paper calls Jewish settlers thieves, who rape the Jewish religion
▷ Palestinian detainees protest imprisonment conditions
▷ UN agency: Palestinian children 'malnourished'
▷ Zionists lied to the world, called attack on heavily-armed soldiers "massacre of civilians”
▷ Ketziot Military Prison Authorities Endanger the Lives of Palestinian Detainees
▷ Israeli journalist castigates state silence at Jewish fascist parties
▷ Occupation detains last ambulance car in Jenin hospital
▷ Israeli report: 80% of Palestinians killed in curfew are innocent civilians
▷ Bush to ask Sharon to scale down genocide “for the time being”
▷ Two Israeli authors underscore Israeli holocaust against Palestinians
▷ Urgent warning about mass expelling
▷ Invasion of Gaza a 'Matter of Time', Israel Tells US

On Jan. 20, Altogether about 10 policemen arrived at the Malaysiakini's office at about 12.30pm. Despite being offered to show them the server which contained the alleged seditious letter, the police ignored the offer and took away all 19 computers in Malaysiakini's office.
  Police Raid on Online Newspaper Malaysiakini Jeopardizes Press Freedom,
Repressive Action Deviates from Vision of the Information Society
A wide coalition of Asia Pacific civil society condemns the unwarranted police raid on Malaysian online newspaper Malaysiakini.

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▷ Police return six seized computers
▷ Four more quizzed, police accused of ‘rudeness’
▷ Raid a blow to press freedom, say human rights groups
▷ Malaysiakini invites Umno Youth to respond to letter
▷ Media activists express shock, voice support

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▷ Malaysiakini Website (

  We hope Japanese Government to officially invite North Korea to Asian Regional Conference for WSIS
We have very serious concerns that the Japanese government decided not to invite North Korea to the Asian Regional Conference for World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) and we hope Japanese Government as a host of this regional meeting should make a sincere effort to invite all Asian countries including North Korea to this meeting.

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▷ Korean NGOs and CSOs hold first discussion on WSIS
▷ The World Summit on the Information Society: an Asian Response
▷ Joint statement from Asia Civil Society Forum participants on World Summit on Information Society (WSIS)
▷ South Korean NGOs Statement to Asian Regional Conference for WSIS

  Farmers flood Seoul to protest WTO
200,000 to 400,000 farmers and their supporters from labor, students, and other progressive forces took over Yeoido riverside park, near the National Assembly, to protest the World Trade Organization-led opening of the domestic rice market and a free trade agreement with Chile that further threatens the lives that toil in South Korea's breadbasket.

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▷ Workers, farmers, students protest government policies

  National Security Law sparks demonstrations

Two demonstrations last weekend targeted the draconian National Security Law, which still creates political prisoners despite a former victim of the NSL in the presidential office.

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▷ [Essay] The struggle against the National Security Law needs a peoples' movement
▷ Don't use the National Security Law to suppress the Internet!

2003, Gleevec Struggle South Korean People and Patients
  The Ministry of Health and Welfare should void the retail price of 23,045 won per pill and stop benefiting the patent right of the drug companies only!
For the world that respect lives instead of patent rights, the leukemia patients' group and Gleevec Joint Committee receive our full support on their sit-down strike.

  Severe Hunger Strike Continues as Disabled Persons Struggle Against Injustice

Key members of an association for the promotion of disabled rights have been on a hunger strike at the office of the Korean Human Rights Committee since August 12th, protesting discriminatory government policies and inaccessible public transit.

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▷ Highlight 2002 Part 1: Disabled People's Movement

  ▷ Glivec Struggle South Korean People and Patients

Cut the Price of Gleevec!

  ▷ Workers Struggle in South Korea

Medical Workers Struggle is on going
  ▷ Anti-US movement in Korea

Two Korean girls killed by U.S. military vehicle

  ▷ Migrant Workers Struggle

2002 Migrant Workers Struggle in Korea

  ▷ Anti-Censorship in Korea

Stop Korean Online Censorship!!!

  ▷518 Kwangju Uprising in South Korea

Present Significance of the 5.18 Gwangju Revolution

Struggle Videos Collection

[April 26] Migrants Workers Cultural Festival For Mayday

Students and migrant workers organized a cultural festival in one of Seoul’s industrial areas where many migrants are working and living. |

Anti-War Struggle in South Korea

(Video I) South Korean university student raids the Building of National Assembly in order to block the vote on Troop Dispatch to Iraq. (March 25th) |

(Video II) South Korean students raids the US Embassy with shouting, "No War! No Troop Dispatch ! No Bush!." (March 26th) |

▷ Jinbo In Progress #5
(November 8th)

Korean CSOs hold first discussion on WSIS
Secure the Fair Use of Digital Libraries
Patents and Profit: Gleevec Price Talks Break Down
Don't use the National Security Law to suppress the Internet!

▷ Asian Workers News 136

Letter to My Friend, Hankukyi
Our Only Hope is to Unite!
NHRC Recommends TS Abolished
Whose Fault?
Way to Go is Together
Struggle Against the Korea Govt. Policy Brings the Nation Together

▷ Latuff Pictures

U.S. Influence on Korean Intellectual Property Rig..
A solidarity message from No War Peace Action Kore..
Statement on the death of two middle-school girls ..
Asian Peace Alliance statement against US plans to..
Young Koreans United rally statement on KEDO

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[Citizen] the distruction of pimatgol in seoul jongno gu / Fitzcarl Reid
[Politics] Coke...The Pause That Kills!! / James F. Harringon
[International] Iraq had WMDs / Guadalupe Hidalgo
[Politics] Roh support for Iraq Invasion / Veronica
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